Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Recipe: Go-Big-or-Go-Home Hoagie

Hi friends!

Where have I been? 
(Many of you have emailed me to ask me  
and I am not even sure 
how to answer your question!) 

I guess life gets in the way sometimes 
and I just have not really 
had a lot to blog about. 

Having said that....
I must also admit
that I am in that boat of bloggers 
to post any images that are not theirs
for fear of being SUED 
by nasty money-hungry 
heartless mean people.

My posts will be 
much less frequent now because
I don't want to end up in a lawsuit. 

When I started blogging,
and went out on the "world-wide-web" 
and posted images of my home and designs, 
I knew full well that I was putting myself "out there".

I knew that people would probably take my images 
and repost them or pin them.
That I may or may not receive the proper credit, 
even though I stated on my blog 
that I would appreciate a credit line 
if they chose to "borrow" my idea or image.

However, it seems that there are always those
who have to take it to an ugly level.
Several blogging friends are telling me about 
 lawyers going after bloggers
for reposting images they have found 
on Pinterest or wherever. Honestly?
It's a shame. 
Get a life! You should be honored
that someone liked your stuff enough
to share it again! 

This is my official poo poo on you.

I'm off my soap box.

Sharing a recipe with you today!
But before I do, I just want to warn you ---
this sandwich is crazy delicious.

Just think of the saying
"Go big or go home"
when you make it, because it's not a low-calorie meal -- 
if you know what I mean, but I promise you
that it is YUMMY!

What makes this recipe 
different from other hoagie recipes 
 is that this sandwich is made on
a hot melted BUTTER-soaked garlic 
and cheese encrusted base.

So every bite you take
with delicious flavor.

(CREDIT: I am originally from the SW part of Pennsylvania,
30+ miles outside of Pittsburgh,
and there is a pizza shop near the city
that makes THE BEST
hoagies in North America -- I am pretty certain of this. 
Danny's Pizza in Bethel Park is the place
for this buttery hoagie -- so be sure to pop in there 
and taste the original if you ever get the chance.
This recipe is different, my version, but inspired by Danny's.)


1 big loaf of a bakery fresh Italian bread 

1/4 lb. each of sliced dry Genoa Italian salami, 
best quality baked ham, uncured sandwich pepperoni,
and provolone cheese

1/4 c. fresh deli shredded mix of imported romano, 
asiago and parmesan cheeses

1/4 cup of butter, melted

Fresh Italian herbs: basil, parsley and oregano, chopped fine

Roasted tomatoes (packed in oil and herbs)

Shredded lettuce (I prefer leafy green lettuce)

1 homegrown beefsteak tomato, sliced thin

1 thinly sliced red onion, optional

Garlic powder

Fire up your broiler and move your oven rack 
to a position close to the heat.

1. Slice loaf of bread in half horizontally and place both halves on a 
baking or cookie sheet.

2. Melt butter in a microwave and spread on each half of the loaf.
Be generous! This is the secret ingredient that takes this
from average to buttery heaven!
Top with fresh herbs and three cheese mixture 
of Romano, Asiago,and Parmesan. 

3. Sprinkle with garlic powder and pop in the oven to melt the cheeses.
Remove from oven once melted and golden around the edges.

4. Top with layers of meats and provolone cheese and return to oven.
Broil until cheese is melted and bubbling.

5. Next, top with shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and roasted tomatoes.
Drizzle some of the oil and herbs from the roasted tomatoes 
onto the lettuce for extra flavor.

6. Cut and serve immediately -- preferably with chips and cold beer.

Such a perfect recipe for summer dinner
when it's too hot to cook out, or for a fall football party,
 a Super Bowl game party. 

I'm telling you,
this garlic bread buttery base
makes all the difference with this recipe.
I hope you will try it.



Go-Big-or-Go-Home Hoagie


Fairhope Supply Co. said...

Well, first of all, I was the guest speaker at a meeting today where they served delicious sandwiches and soup. One member apologized for the simple lunch and I had to let them know how much I LOVE a good sandwich!!! Your version looks delicious and I'm inspired to pile it on like you did!

As for the issue of lawyers . . . dang. Isn't there enough meanness in this world? I always try to give credit for a photo that isn't mine, but sometimes they are passed around so much, there's no way to find out the original source! Thanks for the heads-up. I'd love to know more details about what happened.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I am SO GLAD you are STILL blogging!! I had heard from a little birdie that you were hanging up your hat with the blog and it made me sad. I have always been a bit on guard about sharing pics that were not mine. It comes as no surprise to hear that copyright issues are an issue for some. There are some people who aren't as nice as you in regards to sharing something they put out there on the internet. I don't mind someone using one of my pics IF they ask me first. Sometimes I find a nav link to something of mine that was used on a blog AND someone taking CREDIT for it as if it was something THEY did. I had to report that to google and it was taken care of. And someone hijacked my blog name in another country. Crazy I tell ya!

My work keeps me busy and I just don't have the time to do as many posts. I do them when I feel I have the time to squeeze one in. It makes me feel like I am losing touch with my readers. There are things in life that take the podium over my blog. When blogging was a new thing, it was more exciting because there weren't many out there and I, personally, have made a lot of close friendships because of my blog. So now..NOW...we just have to do what we can do, feel a kind of relief to be who we can be, let our hair down and take a deep breath. Friends will be there, no matter what.

BIG hugs,


Rebecca said...

Sad to hear about the lawyer stuff. Whi

That sandwich looks incredible. (A bit out of my league since it has more than 4-5 ingredients....but just buttering up that delicious bread and adding garlic powder would be enough for me!)

Karen said...

I have a friend that is a professional photographer, I get it. I try to be mindful and link to the original source when possible. But let's face it. The cow left the barn on photographs being property that people can expect $$$ each time it's used. There are people that post pictures without a source, and like your reader said, sometimes you cannot find the source. I too would not want to get into a legal hassle over my blog. It's so sad that there are people that are so aggressive and ugly acting.

I love the looks of that sandwich and for a hot summer night, it would be the perfect meal. Thanks for the recipe. Enjoy the rest of your summer, I hope to continue to see notice of new posts from you, I love your style.

Karena Albert said...

Alison I am so glad you are back!
This sandwich looks and sounds delish!
What a shame that there are those looking to put such a damper on the world of social media. Everything is out there on Pinterest, Instagram etc. You cannot always find the credits for images!! Enough said, my blog is finally updating again so I hope you will keep me on your blogroll!

The Arts by Karena

Sarah Gouin said...

Glad you're back!! Sorry about the worry over legal troubles but I hope that you will continue - so many truly enjoy your blog!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Welcome back! I don't care when you post as long as you keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Your sandwich looks good! Perfect for summer days like now when it's too hot to cook.

Regarding your rant about copyrights, I feel I should point out that this is a legal issue and the people you are talking about aren't being "meanies" but just protecting what is legally theirs. Just because "everyone else is doing it" does not make stealing okay. When you take anything without permission, then yes that is the definition of theft.

I've always wondered why bloggers want to use other people's photos anyway. If you are blogging about things you care about, you should have your own photos to share or be able to entertain without the use of pictures. Slapping on random pictures just seems to be a really lazy way of maintaining a blog to me.

Given that, it is your responsibility as a blogger to do so in a legal, ethical way. That means making sure you are certain who owns a photo you are using, making sure you have been given permission to use it, and giving credit in the manner the owner of the content approves of. If you aren't willing to do that legally, then you are correct it is better to not use photos that aren't yours even if your blog posts are rare.

If you have permission and have given credit correctly, then yes they are being meanies for later complaining. :)

I have had both bloggers and companies steal content before and have made legal threats or at least threats to have their accounts closed down. Why? Because when work is stolen, it's easy for pictures or content be credited to the wrong person.

It is also unfair to the photographer when bloggers or companies use pictures and they are the ones who get the views for your work. They are using them to get readers, money (if they are advertising), or attention from something that isn't theirs.

Again, it's the morals and legal issues that come into play. Just because your blog is small and you don't care if someone steals your work doesn't mean that everyone else is going to be okay with theft.

It is frustrating and makes me sick that so many people think that just because it's on the Internet, then stealing is okay when there is no incident in life where this should be acceptable. Ever.

Getting off my soapbox now, but I just wanted to give a different perspective to what you were saying.

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

I'm with you about the pictures. To me once you put something out there it's game for anyone. I just make sure I don't post anything I'd regret because you can't control what will happen. I thought of you when I visited Cracker Barrel and saw some of those rain boots (like the popular Welies) with horse heads all over them. They may be cute with something tartan set in them!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

I forgot to say that the hoagie looks and sounds divine!

My Kentucky Living said...

That sandwich looks like a good party idea! As for pics-blogs-and lawyers. Ouch! I only use a non owned pic once in a while...and try to give credit when it is possible. We certainly don't need problems as we blog away! There are free use sources. Try Morgue File.

My Kentucky Living said...

http://morguefile.com Free use images. Sheila

Sarah said...

Alison, it's great to see a post from you. The hoagie looks delicious! I trust you are enjoying the summer.
I hope you don't give up blogging. I'd miss Polohouse and all that you have to offer your readers. You've plenty to share of your own with your beautiful home and garden and interesting things in your life. Please don't close your blog! ;-)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

So glad you're back. Using a picture while giving the credit seems reasonable to me as long as we make it clear we are featuring their blog and provide a link. But, sometimes people can go overboard. I recently read a blog post about a book and the blogger implied she would be doing a series of posts on the book. It seemed to me this might be an infringement on the book's copyright. I guess there is a thin line between right and wrong and we have to walk it very carefully. I hope I have stayed on the right side of that line in the past! Because of your post, I will now be very mindful of this issue. Thank you for sharing this.

Pura Vida said...

say it out loud sister!!! let's get to the real stuff and eat a huge hoagie!

Calypso In The Country said...

Such a shame about the photo issue...you would think that people would be flattered to have their photos featured on blogs especially if you give a link to their site! I need to go back over some of my previous posts to make sure I haven't done anything "wrong"...Anyway, glad to see a post from you! You mentioned that you are from the Philly area and it made me think about the word - 'hoagie'. In north Jersey, we call them 'subs' but when we are in Central Jersey like in the Princeton area, they are 'hoagies'. In fact, my husband loves going to a place in Princeton called Hoagie Haven! I hope you are enjoying your summer!
Cheers! Shelley

Jayne said...

Looks so good! I don't use other photos, just my own, on my blog, but I am interested to know that there could be legal ramifications if you share other images you have found...is that true? Even if you aren't making a profit from it?

laney said...

...please keep posting...your blog is such a beautiful one...just take pictures around your wonderful home...blessings laney

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Glad to see you Alison...that hoagie looks wonderful and will have to look it up whenever I am in the area....yes, I still do not understand the legal pitfalls of blogging....I can only assume that if the image has a "pin it" button on it, then is is OK....