Sunday, April 30, 2017


Is there still
such a thing as  
 an annual
spring cleaning?

No one really talks about this anymore.

I remember my mom turned the entire house 
upside down and inside out.

The walls were washed (with Spic and Span)
from top to bottom every spring.
And all the curtains were washed and hung out to dry
and drapery was sent off to the dry cleaners.
 Rugs were beaten and aired out, carpeting shampooed, 
windows and screens cleaned,
closets and drawers reorganized. 

It was a BIG JOB.
It was a BIG DEAL.

Did your house go through this process too?

My mom was also a decorator 
and she rearranged furniture -- 
a lot!

 I remember coming home from school  
to find all the furnishings 
in new places.

 (Too bad she didn't have a blog back then to share these changes !)

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Spring for me includes cleaning, 
but it's not nearly as aggressive 
 as it was when I grew up,
sorry Mom. 

 I try to stay on top of things,
keeping home maintenance projects 
spread out over the year.

Right after the holidays, in January,
is when I organize everything. It's become a tradition
and I don't quit until every drawer, closet,
shelf, and space is organized. Not sure how
or why this came to be -- it just IS what I do.

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 But to get to the point of this post,
finding new accessories and items to decorate with 
in the spring IS something I love! 

Do you?


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So if I have caught you in the middle
of a huge spring cleaning project,
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put your mop down
and take a seat 
in your favorite arm chair.

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Never know what you might find.
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Monday, March 27, 2017

No title.
Just wanted to say hi
on this gray. gloomy March day.

Anxious for spring to arrive.
You probably are too!

Enjoy your week~