Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mini holiday makeovers

Was scrolling through photos
this morning and saw a couple shots
that I thought might be fun 
to share with you all.

As I mentioned in my post
from yesterday, our little antique shop
does one show a year, a holiday show,
at a local girls' high school.
We shop from June through December
 to get ready 
for the show -- to find interesting
vintage and antique pieces to sell.
We occasionally mix in some new
or handmade items also.

Months ago my client/friend 
gave me this huge
3 foot wide iron frame clock
that she "inherited" when she
bought her home a couple
of years ago.

It is not old
but it had a nice shape 
and "good bones".

I thought it might be fun to include
 in our holiday sale.

Here is the clock before
the holiday makeover.

It had a printed cardboard face.

 I came up with the idea
that it might be fun to 
decoupage a vintage or old style
Santa Claus face on the clock.

That idea quickly faded when
I soon realized that Santa may end up
with a clock hand centered
in his eye or nose! 
Not good.

So I found this fantastic
poster/wrapping sheet for 
under $4 on Ebay.

Here is the link

But it came and it was not nearly
as large as I needed it to be.
So I took it to Kinko's and within
an hour they blew it up for me
on nice heavy weight paper.

I was able to cut it down
to a 35" circle and 
decoupaged it to the face.
Here is how it turned out:

Then I was at a holiday boutique in November
and a woman was selling newly made 
plaid pillows
that she had constructed using clean 
but old wool tartan throws. 
So I bought a couple.

A week or two later, 
I found these ultra-suede handmade cut-outs 
of a bear and a deer head at a flea market. 

The seller had cleverly machine stitched them 
to a heavy black wool felted backing.

I decided to attach them with super duper fabric glue
to the fronts of the red wool plaid pillows.

Look how cute they turned out!

Then, the final make-over
is not much of a makeover,
but kind of fun.

Our shop is called Blue Cardinal Vintage.
I walked into Hobby Lobby last month
and this cute sign was on clearance.
I grabbed it and brought it home.

It is on a base and stands about 4 feet tall.
You can see the base here in my shopping cart!

Bought a couple little bottles of paint

We have a blue bird perched on the sign!

Ended up being the perfect piece 
to use at the sale.

And here it stood at our booth at the holiday sale!

That's it for my project sharing.
(Made the plaid pennant shown above for the shop too.)

What projects have you 
been working on?


~ Alison

Friday, December 19, 2014

So far behind

Vintage handmade stocking.

Vintage stag and moose plates and a
mounted deer antler set with a plaid scarf wrap.

I cannot believe 
that I am so far behind 
in getting our 
Christmas together 
this year. 

It is like that old saying,
"the shoemaker's children go shoeless."

My house is always the last to be decorated!

Large and small vintage glitter houses and churches.

After having decorated clients homes 
followed by being a vintage/antique vendor 
at a crazy busy two day holiday boutique show --
to say I am very far behind 
in getting my giant Christmas list of
"Things to Do" 
is an understatement!

(Note: the items shown in my photos 
were taken at the boutique sale.
Some of the items are still available.)

Set of six vintage framed prints of clan tartan patterns.

We finally brought our tree in and decorated 
it yesterday. This is very late for me!

There are five piles of fresh garland sitting at our 
front door since Thanksgiving -- yet to be hung.

Wreaths need to be hung and bows added.

Gifts need to be purchased then wrapped
and packed since many of them get 
shipped off 
to family members living in other states.

Vintage elves

I am overwhelmed!
Stress and anxiety have gotten the best of me.

Is there anyone else out there 
who is feeling like me?!

Trying to get it together.
Trying to accept that much will not get done.
Trying to be "okay" with that.
Taking deep breaths.

I did get our nativity set out
and that is keeping me focused.

It is reminding me of the
"reason for the season." 

It's ok 
if I don't get all my usual
decorations up and out on display.

"He" is ok with that 
and I need to be 
with it too.

Very thankful.
Very grateful.
Counting my blessings.

Merry Christmas
and Happy Holidays
to you all.

(Thanks for listening.)