Saturday, January 14, 2017

That's a crock of ?

Yes, I have a problem.
It's official.
(How many times have I said that?!?)




these little English pottery crocks.
So charming.

I think they are multiplying?
Like rabbits?


Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Could we be your personal shoppers?


I have to tell you something! 

My friend Jenn and I 
just opened 
a little shop on Etsy called

Why, you ask?

Through the years, 
many of you have inquired
about where I found a piece.
 Some of you asked if I could
recommend a specific place to 
find things.

We do have a booth at 
a local antique mall here in Illinois,
but if you are not located nearby --- 
now you can shop for things
that are 
kinds of things with us online!

And as you know from my recent posts,
I mentioned that we plan 
to list our house in the next few months 
so I need to start purging.

Need to liquidate some of my collections.

We are just getting started 
logging in our inventory 
so please come back occasionally
and see what's new.

(We will be adding dozens of new items 
in the next 3 - 4 days to get
the shop filled with options for you.)

please feel free to leave a message 
if there is something special
you are looking for. 

We love to have a shopping list
when we are out picking. :)

And heaven knows, 
we have things in our garages, closets,
and basements or attics, 
that you might just be looking for? 

In any case, have a look-see.
Here's the link:

Thanks so much.