Sunday, September 14, 2014

my dark side

Image 1: light, foreground, lines, color, orientation, closed composition

I spend way too much time 
on Pinterest,
I am not ashamed to admit it.

anandamyi arnold 1

♀Food styling still life photography - Blueberries by Mark Boughton

Sharyn Cairns

There is so much
crazy good 
out there
it is


One of my favorite things 
to collect is 
dark, rich imagery 
in the form of
fruits and flowers.

Whether a photograph
or an artist's rendering --
I love it all.

Source: wwwinspiration

Lily of the Valley:  Sweetness, Humility, Returning Happiness, Trustworthy

Citrus Still Life (photo) via Speckyboy Design Magazine

One of these days
I want to set up a barely lit studio area
 where I can attempt 
to TRY  
(heavy emphasis on the "try") 
to create one of these beauties.

Do they appeal to you too?


Thank you, Pinterest!
You're keeping my brain active.


(Note: All images taken from Pinterest)

Fruit Still Life - Andrea Gentl

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blue and not-so-blue willow

Found this sweet divided vintage 
Blue Willow pattern bowl
while out antiquing this summer.

It does not match anything in our kitchen
or I would have it displayed somewhere --
but instead I am using it.

A lot! 
Who knew a divided bowl could be so useful.

It's not black.
It is blue.

But if you know my kitchen ---
you know I have brown transferware
around on the shelves and white ironstone
and silver pieces.

So, the pretty cobalt blue
gets stashed in the cupboard.

I adore this pattern 
as it was my grandmother's
favorite pattern, on my mom's side.
I have posted on Blue Willow a few times before.

A couple years ago,
one of my dear friends won 
a ceramics party
and she invited me to attend and paint a plate.
(I'm sure many of you have attended this kind of party, yes?)

Well, with a house full of old antiques
and vintage junk :)
I could not think what I would paint
that could possibly "blend"
into the kitchen here. 

So I looked around and found something 
that inspired me. I did a rough (very rough)
and this is the final product.

I wanted to create a border too --
and I didn't get to finish the edges!!!
The class time ran out.

Typical me.


What did you paint on your ceramics plate 
or teapot or mug or?
Tell me!

New find: old Greek key pattern water pitcher!