Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Equine and English Country Decor Books

 Hi there!
Come on in 
and make yourself comfy
as they say.

Cup of tea?
A nice book to read?

a nice book to read.

I was dusting my living room
this morning and had
to move around piles of books 
to include some of my
collected equine decor books.

(I realized this is something 
I have yet to blog about!)

So here are a few 
of my favorites 
you may or may not
know about:

Equestrian Style: Home Design, Couture, and Collections
from the Eclectic the the Elegant by Vicky Moon

Hunt Country Style by Kathryn Masson

Horse & Homes written and photographed by Jenifer Jordan

Stables: Beautiful Paddocks, Horse Barns, and Tack Rooms

STABLES Beautiful Paddocks, Horse Barns, and Tack Rooms
by Kathryn Masson

Luxury Equestrian Design
by teNeues

And here 
are a few more
visually inspiring books
that I found 
and may need to order?

(Do you have any of these? 
Need feedback!)

KENTUCKY Historic Houses and Horse Farms
of Bluegrass Country 
by Pieter Estersohn

by Randy Leffingwell

The English Country House
by James Peill

STABLES, Majestic Spaces for Horses 
by Olga Prud'Homme Farge,
Alice De La Moureyre and Gabrielle Boiselle

The Scottish Country House
by James Knox

The Drawing Room: English Country House Decoration

The Drawing Room - English Country House Decoration
by Jeremy Musson

Enjoy your day
and thanks 
for stopping by.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Image screening

Just got back from a
wonderful long weekend trip 
to the Gulf coast of Florida -- 
visiting family there!

Came home to a new snowfall --
spring is unpredictable as usual
here in the Midwest.

It was raining yesterday morning 
in Florida and I snapped a few shots 
of this camphor tree
through a screened door.

The tree became somewhat
pixelated and the images
reminded me of needlepoint
or a tapestry.

Kind of fun, right?