Friday, May 22, 2015

Gallery Walls


Gallery, Highboy, Antlers

Do you have any gallery walls
in your home?

Who said fabric was just for linens?

Do you prefer symmetrical
arrangements or artfully scattered


This is a wall arrangement I designed for one of my clients. We framed small hand-tinted prints
 - scenes of France from a book series printed in the 1920's. The mirror is an overlay.

I love this idea of framed letters....Southern Living House Spring 2015 interior design by Providence Design...The foyer

This is another grouping in the same home. Large framed antique hand-tinted lithographs
featuring formal French garden designs which hang in a front entry hall.

Living Room Luxury-

I love gallery walls.
Do you?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Seeing Orange

5 small space storage solutions that will totally change your home

Stylish gallery wall, antique leather chairs, and rich textiles in this sitting room
Photo by Phil Sanchez via

Hello friends!

Do you attend designer showcase
home tours in your area?
Or do you frequent Pinterest?

Decorating with Hermes boxes - always a good idea.

If you can answer yes to either of these questions,
you may have seen stacks of 
those famous glorious orange boxes
being used in home decor.

May I ask you,
what do you 
think about it?

The times I have seen it in person -- 
it has brought about
much commentary 
among tour attendees.

In a closet?
Absolutely -- you would not want to throw away
an orange box or a pale aqua box, 
for sure!

But do you think they should be collected 
and displayed in common rooms?

Chairs by Schumacher line an upstairs corridor; the light fixtures are custom made, and the wallcovering is by Élitis.

What do you think about it?
Are you a fan or not?
I'm curious, tell me.

hermes orange hallway