Monday, March 9, 2015

Vintage Bamboo in the Bath

Just got back from a week
at the beach in warm and sunny California.

(If you follow me on Instagram -- you may know this.
I kind of went a bit overboard 
with the beachy pics in the last 9 days!)

While there
I got to go to fun beach-y gift
 and home decor shops
and got majorly inspired 
with coastal living style.

Who isn't really?

Well, I got home last night
and decided
to finally pull together the
vintage and antique bamboo pieces
I have been buying for our master bath
for the last couple of years.

I bought this sweet
but pretty tattered old
bamboo curio cabinet.

It is in fair shape and has the original wavy old glass doors.

Since the back wall of the piece
is pretty rough and has gaps,
I decided to grab an old map
to use as a back drop
so the items I was putting inside
would show up a little more
once the doors were closed.

Bought a stack of these years ago on Etsy to use as wallpaper and for decoupage projects. Still have a LOT of them left! Need some? I will mail them to you.

I stapled the paper onto the back wall to save time,
but you could use double stick tape too.

Then I started stuffing things I had inside... just layering it up.

This sweet vintage French rack with knobs came from  Etsy. It has a faux bamboo look.

Found this old chair at a flea market in the fall. I need to get a soft seat cushion
and back for it. I have been sitting on it like this at my vanity - not very comfy.

This little folding vintage bamboo rack sits under the dormer window.

These little vintage prints also came from Etsy. I am going to frame them and run them
along the bead board wall above the tub. I had some other prints there that I will replace..  

I have not been doing much decorating 
at our house lately 
since I pretty much have NO energy 
when it comes to my projects
after I work on my clients' homes.

You know how that goes?!?!

It will come together ... eventually!


Cheryl Daysh said...

Alison, love your style and you always seem to hit the sweet spot of my own decorating faves and collections...
Living one the water in New England, I've gone nautical these past years but ready for change....english country style...Cheryl D.

Karena Albert said...

Alison I adore bamboo pieces like this!! The map backing is a perfect idea! I have bamboo stacking tables and tray tables that I love.

The Arts by Karena

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Well, I think it has come together beautifully so far!!!! I LOVE the cabinet, chair and prints. I, too, love anything bamboo. Your bathroom is so nice and big. I also am jeralous that you were at the beach:) SPRING will be here soon.

NanaDiana said...

Alison, That is just a darling little that you have it all dolled up. Great idea about the maps. I keep rolls of old wallpaper for that same purpose. Use it for drawer liners, etc.
I understand about being too wiped out to work on your own projects...especially with a family. Hang in there- Spring is almost upon us!!!! xo Diana

The enchanted home said...

What a great piece and proof of what a wonderful imagination coupled with great taste can do! I love's so charming and unique. Great job!

Karen said...

I love the bamboo pieces and using the map on the back of the piece is such a great idea. The bathroom is looking very beachy, in a classic way!
I was following along on Instagram, I've not been to the Long Beach Aquarium and I live in Southern California, so it was fun to see some of the exhibits.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Alison I absolutely LOVE your new bamboo cabinet!! Loved all your new finds!

Sarah said...

No surprise that I'm smiling at every image in this post. Just pinned them to my Bamboozled Board and my Tortoise Inspired Board. They look terrific in your bath. I have a bamboo book shelf that I purchased at an estate sale last summer. It's in the music room, but if we go through with the plans to enlarge one of the guest baths, I plan to use it in there.
Glad you had a terrific vacation and that you felt energized to do this project for yourself. '-)
Thanks for sharing!

Pura Vida said...

The bamboo has been a favorite of mine for years. Love the map idea

Ron said...

Love your bamboo finds and love the way you style.

Gail Peterson said...

Hi Alison,
So glad you came to Cali! We have been having gorgeous weather here in SoCal!
I love the Bamboo & tortise shell. It's fitting for your Polo house! Nice contract to the pretty white in your bath.
Have fun!

therelishedroost said...

love vintage bamboo these are fantastic!

Tartan Terrace said...

Hey Alison! I have lots of bamboo,too. This post has inspired me to get it out and play around with it. Thanks!