Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Have you ever heard of Questers?

Questers is a national non-profit group
that is "dedicated to the study, conservation
and preservation of historical objects 
for the benefit of today and tomorrow. 
Members seek to identify 
preservation and restoration 
of existing landmarks as well to
 educate through the research and 
study of antiques."

Questers is an antique club I belong to in our town. 
If you love antiques and learning more about them, 
you may want to search out a
local chapter of Questers in your area. 
There are chapters in 43 states 
and 2 Canadian provinces.
(Our town is very small and there are 2 chapters here!)

I have learned so much 
about many collectible items. 
We meet nine months a year, 
 in members homes and we typically
have a program speaker who comes 
and makes a presentation on
a specific subject matter.

My grandfather's bronzed baby shoes in copper..   :)

Through the years we have had 
so many wonderful programs
and some of my favorite topics have been
 quilt patterns of the underground railroad, 
 silver patterns and marks, free appraisal day, 
mourning jewelry,  antique books, netsuke,
and art/painting restoration -- to name a few.

The appraisal day is such a favorite among members 
that the club now hosts this once a year.
Today was our annual appraisal day 
and I hosted the ladies here.

They brought so many great items,
and if I had thought about it earlier
 I would have photographed these items. 

So much fun to see what
treasures people have, isn't it?

There are SO many beautiful things out there
that we can collect. I enjoy learning about
these "old things. If you enjoy this kind of thing,
you may want to find a Questers group to join.

Unsure as to how to find one?
You can visit their website at 
to see where their chapters 
are located by state.

Are you by chance a Quester?

Tell me about it!


martinealison said...


Je viens de prendre beaucoup de plaisir à vous lire et j'ai appris beaucoup de choses. Vos photos sont sublimes.
Gros bisous ❀

Karen said...

I have always loved antiques and greatly enjoy learning more about the history of a particular item, what it was used for originally, etc. I have never heard of Questers. I will definitely look into this. Thanks!

Karena Albert said...

Alison, this sounds like a super group to join. I am always on the lookout for unique and interesting pieces, mostly accessories as there is no room for more furniture!!

The Arts by Karena

Mugwump Woolies said...

My mother was a Quester...the Colonial Belles...on the Gulf Coast of Florida. That was many years ago, but I know my mother enjoyed playing hostess when the group met at her home. She always enjoyed learning "new" things about "old" things.

Debra Phillips said...

i have completely forgotten about this organization. one can never know enough about antiques. thanks for the reminder, i believe there is one here near wayne

Janie said...

I'd forgotten about that group, too? I don't think there are any in Scottsdale though. What did you have appraised? Is that little lion Staffordshire? And, the sconce, is it wood or papier mâché? I love your blog!
Thank you!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful organization. I checked. No chapter in TX. ;-(

colonygal said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today, as I have on other occasions! Thank you for bringing up Questers! I did a search and signed my State Chapter's book and will look forward to hearing from a member soon, I hope!

I am forever curious about the history of a place, home or object of interest, and I am so often astonished when there is no sense of treasure or curiosity about older things and they are tossed aside.... :(