Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

How will you 
and your family
 celebrate this
Memorial Day

Will you attend a parade?

Visit a cemetery, maybe?

Host a picnic or gathering?

So many ways to celebrate
the brave men and women
in our country 
who have fought to protect
and preserve our rights 
and our freedom.

May God bless them 
and their families
on Memorial Day
and every day.

Don't forget to display your flags! 


Karen said...

There are so many reasons to celebrate this holiday, the most important being that of the brave men and women who make it their profession to protect our country. I believe we are spending time at home relaxing. Maybe a BBQ and eating on the patio, outdoors.
I hope you have wonderful plans for your weekend.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Alison,
A beautiful post! We are going to our daughters home for a BBQ on Sat. A time to reflect and say a prayer of thanks to all the men and women who have and are now serving.
Thank you for such a loving post.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thanks for reminding me to get my bunting out! We host a big Memorial Day party for family and neighbors on Sunday, been a tradition for years. Have a great holiday.

Kristin B said...

Gorgeous post! I'm putting out my flags today, too!

Karena Albert said...

Alison I will be going down to the lake with family....having loving thoughts of my late husband though!

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behind the picket fence said...

I love visiting your blog. You always have theist interesting posts. Your flag displays state patriotic perfectly , need to go get ours out right now as my husband and father-in-law are vets. Hope you have a fun filled weekend

Gail Peterson said...

A beautiful Memorial weekend to you!
I love the buntings!

Gail Peterson said...

A beautiful Memorial weekend to you!
I love the buntings!

Sarah said...

Lovely post, Alison. I adore the buntings and the flag shots. I went through my files of flag photos last night, preparing a post for Flag Day.
Our Memorial Day was spent inside listening to the rain, glorious rain. No parades or picnics, but we didn't care. ;-)