Monday, January 27, 2014

Favorite Kitchens


It's positively frigid here in Illinois.
The weathermen have been calling our town, "Chiberia".

Trying to stay indoors as much as we can
to avoid exposure to the extreme conditions.

So in an effort to redirect my attention,
I am blogging about kitchens this week.

Kitchens are a hot topic for me at work right now
with two clients renovating theirs.
As I am helping them with their plans,
I've been scouring the web for inspiration.

Decided to share some kitchens
that have taken my breath away! 

I love, love, love
 a white kitchen hands down, no question. 
However, a white kitchen has to have
some warm wood tones in it
 to keep it grounded and not too stark. 

Antiques or vintage pieces added 
to the mix makes it more cozy, in my opinion. 
Using old weathered or worn piece(s) 
add that one-of-a-kind 
feature you won't find anywhere else.

Warm woods and buttery walls and ceilings make this white kitchen pop.

Interesting lighting adds character.

Chunky barn beams and weathered lighting and accessories add interest here.

Beams beams beams! 

Joan's kitchen (from For The Love of a House blog) always makes my heart skip a beat
with her stone fireplace as a focal point in her gorgeous old farmhouse. <3

Earthy natural elements make this room cozy. Must be gorgeous at night.

Clean lines, not too fussy, great lighting. Lovely.

Love my sweet friend Tina's kitchen from The Enchanted Home blog,
Grand details and perfectly proportioned for her East Coast manse.

Come back later this week 
to see before and after photos
of our kitchen here at the Polohouse.

Stay tuned and stay warm 
wherever this post finds you!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

They are all beautiful. I hope to have a white kitchen in my next house, with old weathered wood...gorgeous!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Loved them all!! Stay warm Alison!

NanaDiana said...

I love them all but the fourth photo down takes my vote (and my breath away) LOVE it"! xo Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

Hello from my side of Chiberia!! Looking at kitchens is a fun pastime! I love them all dearly...they all look like they make for some great cooking and conversation. I've never seen Joan's kitchen...she probably has a home tour link.

Looking forward to seeing your kitchen, Alison! Stay warm! :)


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love a white kitchen! These are all beautiful Allison. Stay warm in IL, I am visiting Wisconsin and is is almost as cold.

Have a great week.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

You have my attention as we are moving forward on our kitchen reno. Looking forward to more...

therelishedroost said...

I see a common thread with all of these a subtle rustic elegance with beams and clean lines, I love them!

Calypso In The Country said...

Alison, I agree - that For the Love of a House kitchen makes my heart skip a beat too! And I have to say I could just live in that cozy first picture with the fireplace! It is freezing in NJ too! We are supposed to get "dangerous" wind chill temperatures over the next few days. At least no snow in the forecast. We got a foot last week and 3 or 4 inches over the weekend. Is it spring yet?...Stay warm dear!

Lynne said...

Beautiful . . . I too like the warm wood in a mix with the all white kitchen. Buttery walls nice too!

Pamela Gordon said...

These are gorgeous kitchens and I'll look forward to seeing your before and after photos. Take care and stay warm. Pamela

Karen said...

These are great kitchens. I've always loved Joan's of for the love of a house, but I love your kitchen as well...where is it? It should be in this 'dream kitchen' line up.
Stay warm, my friend.

christy said...

Such beautiful kitchens, I also like a touch of rustic too. Tina's is my all time favorite, we tried to model our reno (much smaller) after hers and I am far loving the results. May beautiful kitchens here.

Vicki Daugherty said...

Love looking at the kitchens, any time, any weather! And love your house. I do have a problem, when I first began following your blog I was getting via feedburner, which I love! Then it went to blogloving, or some such thing, where I sometimes get it and sometimes don't. Today I tried to 're-up' with feedburner, but it declined me, saying I was already receiving it. Help?!! Vicki in Louisville KY

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Gave you a shout out today Alison...all about the lighting!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

All beautiful, but I remember that you have a sensational kitchen too. Are you renovating it also?

Hope you can keep warm.

The enchanted home said...

Alison what a lovely surprise to see my own kitchen in the mix of all these beauties. I am like you I love a mix of elegant rustic thrown into a kitchen to give it that old world but warm and inviting European feeling. I ironically emailed you this morning about your kitchen which is quite a beauty too! Hope you are well and staying warm!

Cardinham | Killgrew said...

The chunky beams pictures are great. I love it but can be overdone. Accented beam...great as long as the wood tones in the room are not too much.

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Karena Albert said...

Alison I love the warmth and ambience of all of these kitchens!

2014 Artists Series

Jann Olson said...

Gorgeous kitchen inspiration! Loved each and every one!

Jalon Burton said...

Alison - I have just recently returned to Blog land after a long absence and wanted to just stop by and say Hello again! I am so glad to be back with my blogging friends and your blog is just as beautiful as I remember it... I hope you have a great weekend and hope to see you soon!

Ann-Marie ~ Brambly said...

Every one of them is stunning! So many wonderful ideas.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love these kitchens, but must say I also LOVE yours!
Stay safe and warm in Chiberia!

S Brown said...

This would be a hard decision as they are all beautiful with great features. Enjoyed the view.

Evelyne HI said...

I loved all the fotos, special the kitchen and the linving rooms.

I share the same passion, be at home the most confortable as possible.


Evelyne Home Interiors

Lincoln Madison said...
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Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I loved seeing all these beautiful kitchens. I love YOURS too!!! Joans is one of my faves too. LOOOOOVE the one with the buttery walls. Gorgeous. Miss you!!!

Bonny Neiman said...

Just bumped into your blog and I am in love! The kitchens are gorgeous and, as an antique seller couldn't agree more with your suggestion of old wood in the white kitchens. Check out my blog! I'm adding you to my favorites!

Divine Theatre said...

LOVING the third from the bottom!
I hope you're not frozen somewhere! You should have been back by now! LOL!

Happy Valentine's Day!



Kasia Piekarz said...

To również moje ulubione kuchnie:))

Sarah said...

Alison, I was out of town when you posted this. Sorry I didn't visit earlier. Taking in beautiful kitchens is a perfect stay at home activity. I'm in shock at all the snow you are getting this winter. Wow!
And Wow to these kitchens too. I couldn't pick a favorite. Like you, I love a white kitchen grounded with the warmth of wood and antiques. The kitchen at Polohouse is certainly the best example of this. How we would love to have a big beautiful kitchen such as one of these. Alas, we live with a small galley kitchen though it still has its own charm. '-)

Julie S. said...

Loved all your pictures! Joan's kitchen from For the Love of a House blog is one of my all time favorites! I, too, have kitchens on the brain right now...hubby and I are contemplating a facelift for ours and I'm trying with all my might to get him to agree to painting the cabinets! Like you, I agree that white kitchens need the warmth of wood to cozy them up. I absolutely adore that look! Thanks so much for the great inspiration today! :)

Anonymous said...

Hola from s.w. Chiberia, where I am not amused by the temps but glad for the sunshine.
We're putting in a white kitchen in our current project, + I've been going back + forth, betw. black + oak for the island.
Leaning toward oak now, because of this post!
Just found you via Willows on FB!