Thursday, September 5, 2013


Running like crazy
trying to get ready
for an upcoming sale next week.

There will be lots of PLAID.
Many items with crests, shields, and coats of arms.

Will take some photos of my own
to share in the next few days.

Lots of framed antique equestrian prints.

Stacks of silver trays, goblets, trophies, urns, etc etc.

For more information
on this antique and vintage sale
in the Chicagoland area --
please visit Susan's blog 

Just look at these pillows Susan had made for the sale! I hope to take one or all of them home!

Come back in a few days to check out 
some of the other items we will be selling!



therelishedroost said...

Wow you are a busy lady! I am off to groom my daughter s horse, that first image reminded me to do so!! LOL
Can't wait too see what you will be selling!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

your pieces are lovely and wish I was close enough to attend the sale.

Karen Albert said...

Oh I wish I could attend; will any be online? Those pillows are equisite!

2013 Artist Series

Sarah said...

Gorgeous, Alison. I took a peek at Susan's post earlier. So wish I could shop this sale. '-)

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Good luck! and hope it all goes well! Love all things equestrian.
xo Nancy

Karen said...

I'm so ready for fall. I love the crest you showed us...I'll try to check out the sale, do they sell online items?
The plaid pillow is so pretty.