Sunday, January 20, 2013

Can we talk?


Can anyone out there tell me

how do I stop these intrusive
comments from attaching 
to the blog?

They comment 
on new and old posts 

every hour 
trying to get me to buy
prescription drugs without a 
doctor's prescription?
Every single day I have to delete
20-30 of these in my mailbox.
It's just ridiculous!

Is this happening to you too?

Do I have to resort to the 
word verification mode
and comment moderation option?
I hate to have to do this.
What is your advice on this matter,
may I ask?

And finally,
while we are on this subject
here is a short video clip
 forwarded to me
this week 
about an amazing mind-reader.

Take a look.

A little unsettling and something
to share with your family, your kids  
or your grandchildren, for sure!

Check it out:

Be careful...
it's a strange world we live in
and not everyone's intentions
are honorable.


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

So sorry for your intrusive comments!I don't have an answer for you... but someone will.

I just viewed the video... very scary! I always say, "live a transparent life"... but certainly I was not thinking that way!
Thanks for posting this!

Deserae said...

Yes, I have been getting an insane amount of these comments too!!! I have no idea what the answer is but I HATE word verfication so I really don't want to have to resort to that. *sigh* Hopefully someone will have a solution?!?!?
Have a great week :o)

Teri said...

Ditto with the stupid spams. I just put word verification back on. Didn't want to but I'm sick of the spam.

Shannon @ A Cozy Place Called Home said...

You can change your settings from allowing anyone to making people sign up with an ID. That may hinder bloggers on WordPress or other platforms from commenting, as some of them do not like having to sign in to comment.

However, from time to time I do this and it takes care of 99% of the spam. Sometimes they want to spam so badly they will just sign in anyway though.

Blogger seems to be letting more spam fall through the cracks lately and it's been keeping me busy trying to clean it up.

Rebecca said...

Sadly, it's always a matter of time till people figure out how to get around the system! ANY system.

(You're not getting a lot of help so far, I see......)

Maria Elena said...

Yes, same here! I don't think there is any way to fix this problem. I do have my comment moderation on, that way I can catch it before the comment gets published. It is a pain but you are right, not everybody out there is good. Have a great week!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I use to have this problem until I blocked anonymous comments. Seems like that is where all the spam comes from. Just go to your settings and turn them off. Hope this helps. Hugs, Marty

Pamela Gordon said...

I have been getting a lot of spam lately too Alison and it's annoying me. Mine are usually foreign names and advertising for sex and porn!!! Yikes. I don't want that on my blog. I am wondering about going back to word verification too or comment moderation. I have blocked anonymous comments. I am on blogger and wonder if that is the reason. It's too open perhaps? Now I'll watch your video you shared and hope it doesn't scare me away from blogging altogether! Pamela

Diane said...
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Diane said...

Back in the Fall I opened my account to everyone (I was having a giveaway) and that is when I started to get a large amount of spam. I immediately adjusted it too I view the comments first. They are slowing starting to disappear. I am hoping that soon I can adjust my comment moderation back to the way I had it - no moderation. I know spam is very disturbing. I tried to report it to Blogger or Google, but couldn't find where that help was. Good luck my friend. Diane

laney said...

...thank you so much for taking the time to post this video...we are all way too gullible when it comes to sharing our lives...hope you get the spam thing worked out...blessings laney

The enchanted home said...

YES! I get them too every single hour and its making me CRAZY!I think its got to be either word verifcation or no anonymous..I cannot take it anymore, its so intrusive! Hate it.

Now this video...OMG!!!!! How scary and freaky, and so true, its so frightening how much information is out there and how easy it is to get virtually any thing about anyone....really makes you want to be ultra vigilant.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I just took off the option to leave anonymous comments in my settings. It cut them way down! said...

I get them ALL the time too, I just took Marty's advise and changed my settings to Registered Users only, hopefully this will help, if not, I will be going back to word verification.

Kristi said...

This SAME thing is happening to me every single day. At least 20-30 a day as well! I am thinking about moderating comments on old posts only. And new ones will be free to comment without moderation. I hate word verification as well. One of my bloggy friends has a cute little box you check to say your not a spammer which is super easy, her blog is "a cultivated nest" Manuela said she used a blog plug in for it. I'm going to look for it!! :) Let us know what you decide!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I know the feeling...where do these weird things come from. I get many and they are creepy. Sorry I have not solution just sympathy.

I love all of the details of the stunning house that you are working on..

Have a great week, Elizabeth

andrea@townandprairie said...

Go into your comments settings, and only allow people to comment on your posts for two weeks. After that, too bad. They have to email you personally if they want to talk. Saved me a lot of grief. let me tell ya! Lots of folk in Siberia want to meet me, based on my 2011 posts! :P

Betsy said...

I had this happen just once. I have anonymous comments blocked, maybe that is why I do not get anymore. I hope so anyway.
I enjoy reading and looking at the nice pictures you post.

Garden, Home and Party said...

That is so annoying! I am on and rarely, if ever, have spam. I've heard of a lot of this going on out there. I hope you can get it resolved.

Leslie said...

I've only been blogging for a year and when I hear about this.. it makes me want to stop blogging.

Word verification is the only way I know to stop it.

I think getting all this out in the open is good. Thank you for sharing.


Katie Clooney said...

I get them too. It says a lot about me... I'm so happy to get a comment I don't care!! I understand how you feel tho, I hate word verification. I love your blog, by the way!

SavannahGranny said...

That link was spooky indeed.
Alison, you can go to your dashboard and go to settings and block anonymous comments. I have turned it on and off several times. Some of my high school friends ( Yes some of us are still alive) didn't want to join google. I tried to turn it on for them but every time I would get these weird comments. I finally turned it off for good. Maybe that will help.
xo Ginger
PS: We have our 55th high school reunion this August. How Fab is that?

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

That video is scary...sending that link to a friend that posts way too much info on her FB....Now I am rethinking of posting my "family" on my posts...
I do get spam comments, but they land in my spam folder...WP does a good job of filtering them....

Bliss said...

Most of the "Anonymous" comments that come to my email box do not show up on my blog posts. They are spamming my email, but not my blog, so I just delete them.

Have to go underground now so Dave the mind reader doesn't find me.


Rose L said...

I have no idea how to stop them either so I always just mark as spam. It is a pain.

PURA VIDA said...

It's a crazy waste of time. I report it when I am able to,but one comment was correct above...they will always find a way around whatever we do. Why can't people just be nice? If they take all that time to do what they do why can't they do something intelligent?

Ann said...

Use the comment moderation so that you can control what comments will be published in your blog. And those spammers seem to avoid blogs with comment moderation because they know they won't get published by the administrator.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Alison, that video was FRIGHTENING. I do NOT like on-line money transactions...

I have had these issues of which you speak on my blog several times..not a lot, but it has happened. I cannot tell you why except for that a good friend did mention that on her WEBSITE (not blog) where her main business is run, that is where she gets a lot of problems. And you can probably deduce WHY...

Thank you so much for coming to visit me! AND IF you want to get moving photos on your blog, it is SUPER EASY. They are called GIFS. It is just a photo with several frames in it. You import it into your blog draft page just like any other photo. The best place to find GIFS is on Tumblr. Be aware however, that once in a while you may run into an inappropriate image, but if you are looking for animals or flowers, you should be fine!!!!

Let me know if you find one you like! Anita

Marti said...

Most of my spam comes from registered users wanting to promote their business.

Interesting and scary video. I try to protect my identity as much as possible, but I know it would be easy for anyone to track me down with just a little research.