Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kitchen Finds

Decided to move things around in the kitchen.
I found these two "new" vintage alabaster lamps
and had the oil painting re-framed.
(The original frame fell and broke to pieces one day.)

Three new little pots of baby tears
came home with me last week so I needed
 to find a spot for them as well.

Don't forget....
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So start snapping photos 
of your favorite garden spots.
Can be yours or one that inspires you.
Old or new posts welcome of course!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Latest Crush

Vintage porcelain balloon molds

I love white ironstone...

... for its simplicity.  

It's sturdy, reliable,
 and practically 

pure utilitarian 

(And the crazing makes a piece all the more charming, right?)

Which is probably why
I fell in love with these old
vintage porcelain balloon molds.

Aren't they cute?
My newest crush.

They make me want to draw smiley faces on them!

Do you collect something silly like these too?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So sorry....

I am so sorry
that I have not been 
around to visit 
your lovely blog ...
 to see what you have 
been up to lately.

I am also sorry
that I have not had time
to return your comments.

That makes me feel really bad.

My design job has 
kicked into high gear for the
last four or five weeks
 and we have been
trying to get things ordered 
and in place before school
is out and our kids 
are home again!

You know how that goes,
once summer starts ---
all your inside projects
get put on hold.
We don't want that
to happen so we
have been on a roll.

Which means everything
else has been put on hold
or pushed to the
"back burner"
as they say.

So I just wanted to tell
you that this is temporary
and I will be back soon.

Hanging in there!
Taking one day at a time.

Thinking of you
in the meantime.

Some pics of the green
yard and new spring growth
to share with you


What has spring done in your yard this month?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Antiquing in Iowa

We went antiquing in Iowa 
in late April.
We shopped
antique malls and shops
between the Iowa border
and Des Moines.
So much fun!

Found Things, Des Moines

 Here are some photos
I snapped during our trip.
Lots of interesting
things to be found in this
extremely friendly state!

This was taken at the Junk Jubilee 2012 in Des Moines at the state fairgrounds.

 Found Things in Des Moines.   Link

More at Found Things... lower level independent vendors.

The Rusty Pumpkin, located on the lower level at Found Things.... super creative owner
and display artist extraordinaire Laura makes all things vintage look hip! Link

Found Things.... owner Diane is the BEST! Make sure you tell her I sent you
to see her awesome shop! She is super friendly and knowledgeable and will share
Des Moines highlights with you to make your trip there extra special. 

A booth at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Des Moines. Link

These next few photos were taken at West End Salvage, link here.

Cool place to visit, four floors of salvage items for your next project. The building has a first floor
bar and coffee shop and is soon to be the newest featured business venture on a new series
on HGTV! So watch for owner Don Short and his store on TV soon.

Hal and Don
West End Salvage

So if you are ever in Iowa
be sure to look for antique shops
wherever you go.... 
they are not
to be missed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Willows in Dubuque, Iowa

Last month
we went antiquing at
 the Junk Jubilee
at the Iowa state fairgrounds 
in Des Moines.

Several of my favorite vendors
were there to include....
from Dubuque. 

Oh my heavens....
they had a phenomenal
collection of things.
Should have taken
photos of their booth.

Here is a picture of their
sweet shop
If you are ever in their area...
make sure you stop by there and visit
Michelle and her mother, Mariann ---
two of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet. 

They have the greatest things.
I could buy their entire inventory. 

It's almost like they are
my personal shoppers
for treasure-finding 
every single thing 
that I would want to buy for my home.
And they have done it
without my "list". 

Here are some photos 
of their shop right now. 
Wish I could get there.

Luckily they travel a lot
and appear at local shows here in Illinois
where I can find them without
the long drive.

Here are a couple things 
I bought from them,
to include my most treasured purchase 
from the entire weekend!

These are little silver-plated English riding boots with heavy porcelain liners.
They are called "whiskey measures " made in England. They are 3.5" high. 

Look at all the little details!

please visit Willows
on Facebook and check
their summer 2012 schedule.
With a little luck 
they may have a show near you
so you can shop 
with these lovely ladies too.

Almost forgot! They sold me this engraved julep cup too. 

And this little group of British marmalade pots.

Thanks Michelle and Mariann.
Hope to shop with you both again soon.

Dubuque, Iowa