Saturday, March 31, 2012

Join the Tartan Parade Here!

Welcome to the 
Tartan Parade 

Whether you 
are joining through
 Sarah's blog, 
or through a link at
  Upstairs Downstairs, Babs' blog,
or coming in through
Vignette Design
Delores's lovely site --- 
we are thrilled
you've joined us.

Does plaid dwell in your home?

Maybe it's the first thing
you see in the morning  
with your coffee?

Maybe you have it on your lap
 when you curl up to watch TV or read?

Do you catch a glimpse of it
with your afternoon tea?

Maybe you sit on it!?

If it's not part of your home,
maybe it is a piece in your wardrobe?

Love it.... via Pinterest.

Maybe you like it or maybe not.

Maybe it harbors too many
parochial school memories
for you to have it in your house?
(Had several bloggers secretly confess that to me! 
Don't worry --- no names mentioned! Promise.)

I love it 
more and more the older I get 
and since I started blogging,
I realize I'm in good company.
There are lots of you out there
sharing the same passion.

Here are a few pics of some of the
plaids and tartans in the house.
Some you may or may not have seen.

This is the outside of the trunk shown above.

This old vintage "Locker Lounger" comes with legs
and is large enough to make a great coffee table.

Do you have tartans in the art in your home?

Thanks so much 
for stopping by 
the Tartan Parade --- 
National Tartan Day 
a few days
early this month.

Tartan Resources you should know
for buying tartan fabrics and products:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get your tartan and plaids ready....

... because...
National Tartan Day 
is coming up on
April 6, 2012!


if you have any plaids or tartans 
in your home or wardrobe
 please plan to share it with all of
us at the linky party
on April 1st for
Favorites on the First!

But wait, 
you must know,
we are trying something 
different this time.....

this month's linky party 
will be a BLOCK PARTY
which we have affectionately named
The Tartan Parade.

Four Blog. Four days. Be there. April 1 - 4, 2012

It will take place on these
four plaidly tartan-obsessed blogs:

Vignette Design with Delores
and The Polohouse.

This is Fitzpatrick Tartan, and my great-great grandmother was a Fitzpatrick.:)

Yes, you might have noticed,
we post rather regularly on our plaid collectibles.
It is an obsession -- we know, 
and some of us are in group therapy because of it,
 but we are skipping it this month
and decided to hold a little
"group therapy" of our own,

Four Blog. Four days. Be there. April 1 - 4, 2012

            Come on, pull it all out
                           and flaunt your
                              for all to see.

So if you are


link here or with Delores, or Sarah, or Babs
at one of their blogs 
and we all be able to celebrate
 the day together!

Cannot wait to see
your plaiditude!

Join in for the Tartan Parade, won't you please?

This is Fitzpatrick Hunting Tartan... have to add a blanket to my collection someday.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blog Doctor gives a clean bill of health!

Well, the blog doctor
look my laptop and blog away
this week for a few days 
and finally....
a clean bill of health.


(Thanks so much to so many of you 
that sent me great ideas on how 
to resolve the malware issues 
and for the well-wishes.
An extra special thank you 
to Emily at TheFrenchHutch
and her husband who 
went above and beyond
to help me out! Thanks Emily!)

I truly appreciate it.

How cute is this little enamel bathtub that I found?

The dealer that I bought it from said he found it at a flea market in Budapest, Hungary.

It is a salesman's sample and is only five little inches long.

We are using it as a salt cellar with some little
antique cellar spoons from my sweet mother-in-law. 

Kind of cute, don't you think?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back on Track

You may have noticed,
my blog has been down 
for almost a week, 
but I think I have finally
resolved the malicious virus issue.

Oh my heavens!
Has this happened to you?

A blog stops by to visit you
and brings with it a virus?

My blog was never infected,
but had a pop up warning box
that would not go away.

I did not know what to do.

New little inlaid wooden box.


Tried everything.....
watched youtube tutorials,
wrote urgent notes to all the
listed authorities and heard nothing
in response. Not even sure what
finally resolved the problem....
if it is in fact resolved!

I hope it never happens to you.

Small white porcelain Wedgewood pitcher with a dog handle and hunt scene.

In the meantime, I did get to go
shopping at some great estate sales.
Have to keep 
the shop stocked with "smalls."
I also got to shop at a spring
fling event at one of the local
gift shops in my area. My friend, Joy,
from SavvyCityFarmer blog was there
participating in the sale/show,
selling some of her antique 
and vintage collectibles too!

Do you know sweet Joy?

I bought this large silver pierced-edge 
trophy shaped pedestal bowl.

Love at first sight....swoon.

Such pretty details. Thanks for finding it Joy!

Have you found anything fun lately?
Do tell!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Rock. Paper. Scissors.




This is an antique
sharpening stone.

Now turned into a lazy Susan...
immediately drawn to it
for sentimental reasons.

When I saw it, it immediately reminded me of the one that sat outside the spring house
at my grandparents' farm. My sisters and I sharpened sticks, and pebbles, and anything else
we could think of on it! This one looks just like it.

Great old ledger page 
from my friend Patti,
an antique print/document/ephemera dealer.

Old yellowed ledger page from 1917.

Got these 
(and the baby boxwood in pots)
from Illinois antique dealer, Diane,
who is one of the best
vignette designers in the state.
She can take found objects and
create a scene 
that dreams are made of.

Altogether now.....
Rock, Paper, 
meet Scissors!



Are you as shocked as I am
to find that versions of this game
date back to 206 BC???

Rock. Paper. Scissors. 

I wanted to thank Jennifer
one more time
for featuring my home
in her monthly

I could not be more excited,
and honored, and flattered, and grateful.
Jennifer has hosted so many amazing homes
through the years. Please go visit her beautiful
home, and blog, and shop and website!

She is one talented woman and her talents
are limitless and fresh. Always an eye's
visual feast when stopping by there.

Please go see her 
and tell her I sent you, won't you?