Saturday, February 25, 2012

Visions of Vignettes

For one year,
you have all seen
the little vignettes
around the Polohouse 
that I have enjoyed
sharing with you.

At least for me,
one of my most favorite things
about blogging
 is seeing all of your lovely vignettes.

They inspire me tremendously!

So now I am having
visions of vignettes
just thinking about
all of the vignettes 
you will share
(I hope)
at the linky party
here at The Polohouse
Favorites on the First!

So please plan to link
a new or old post
on one of your favorite
vignettes that you have shared
on your blog in the past or present!

It should be a lot of fun!
Lots of inspiration.
Loads of visual eye candy!

Can't wait!
link up and invite your friends, ok?

See you on the first!


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Heart Palpitations


When you are out antiquing,
flea marketing, thrifting
 or whatever you
wish to call it,
what ONE thing
stops you dead in your tracks?


Is it 
or old 


Is it
or maybe antique 




an ARCHITECTURAL salvage piece,
a tattered TAPESTRY,
or a fine vintage 
PURSE or a piece of JEWELRY?



What is it 
that rocks your world
(and sometimes your wallet)
that sends you into PANIC mode???

 You know, full blown 
 heart palpitations of happiness
and sheer euphoria?  

One happy shopper at a garage sale
after finding that PERFECT treasure. She's okay, don't worry.
Just look at that SMILE!

Do share, please.
I would LOVE to know.

Can you name just 

(Or two or three or ???)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Found this sweet box
on Ebay or Etsy last week.

Cannot remember which,
but it was just too special to pass up....
that and it was plaid!

Kind of scuffed and tattered,
though not very old.

It's actually bigger than it looks --
much like a small shoe box.

Now that's what I call "chippy-shabby"!

Sweet enough on its own,
but when paired with
the little golden retriever
I found a couple weeks
ago in brass...

... it's a cute little pair, right?

Have you done any
match-making lately?


For the next two days,
I will be scouring the local
antique and vintage markets and shops with Jenn
in search of some new things for the shop. 
So excited to see what 
treasures are to be found!

Have to get in the "mind set"
which my friend Jeannie 
reminds me when we go out
to restock our shops. 

She asks me,
"are you on a buying trip
or a shopping trip?"

(I Shop for the shop, but I BUY for me!!!)

Some days there is
a very fine line. It's so HARD.
"Stay focused" she tells me!
Jeannie is much more disciplined than I.

Keep you posted!

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Treasures Found

Hello there!
Notice anything different?

How about now?

Found this great old
hand-painted tole tray last weekend.
Loved the unusual shape of it.

Paired it with my grandmother's old candlesticks
and a Staffordshire piece that I found years ago.

It's fun to change
things out and make room
for new finds, right?

Then I found this 
wonderful old 
antique paisley throw. 

Yummy colors.  

Wish I knew more about old paisleys.
Have always loved the amoeba-shaped pattern
which I just learned is also referred to 
as "Welsh pears" and "Persian pickles"!

Though I have several wool paisley throws, 
not one of them is remotely close 
to this oldie but goodie.
The ones that I have
are light-weight and reversible,
and I have used them as shawls
and tablecloths too. They are not old. 

But this one is very different.
It is extremely heavy and 
you can see the weaver's threads loose
on the backside of the piece.
It measures roughly 6 ft  x 6 ft".
The borders were woven 
and added separately - - corners mitered,
edges frayed fringe. 

I bought it thinking I might 
make it into pillows, 
but when it came back from the cleaners today, 
I realized I don't have the
heart to cut it!

The center has been meticulously
 replaced because it's so old
that through the years of folding, 
the center split beyond repair and was replaced.
(So the dealer I bought it from told me!?)

Do you know anything 
about dating antique paisley throws? 

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks for popping by today.
Have you found any treasures lately?

Wood you be mine?

small rushmore Mahogany Chest of Drawers on Ball & Claw Feet

small rushmore Bobbin Turned Walnut Ladder Back Chair (Arm)
Sitting pretty.

small rushmore Regency Style Settee
As you know,
I have been working on
the interior design of a house
 for a few months now.
As you can imagine,
we are looking at many vendors
in the process and I wanted to share
this one with all of you,
just in case you are in the market
for some new pieces in your home.

Everything you see here is from
Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture.

(Note: I am not getting paid for this!
Hint, hint to Mr. Charles and  company.
Gift cards work for me.)

small rushmore Crotch Mahogany Jewellery Tall Box 

I am just sharing the link
to many, many beautiful things
that I have been drooling over.
Something for everyone ---
from traditional and dressy items
to casual and contemporary things.
Check it out! 


small rushmore Round to Oval Dining Table

small rushmore Leather Bergère Chair

small rushmore Gilded Carving Mirror

small rushmore Oval Walnut Gateleg Table (Small)

small rushmore Sheraton Style Oval Back Chair Leather Seat (Arm)

small rushmore Walnut Buffet

small rushmore Mahogany Drum Table (Green)

small rushmore French Style Side Table

small rushmore Mahogany TV Base or Sideboard

small rushmore Windsor Two Seat Bench

small rushmore Mahogany & Gilt Canterbury
Now "that's" a magazine stand!

small rushmore George II Mahogany Desk

small rushmore White Painted Lattice Work Bench

So what do you think?

Is there anything here that
you would like to have delivered
to your home?

(I have an entire list!)