Monday, January 30, 2012

Overnight Guest Preparations

Roses & limes

When preparing for
overnight house guests,
what do you do
to make them feel
extra special?


white linens
Fresh crisp bed linens?

Maybe some chocolates on their pillows?

Do you pre-scent the room with perfume candles?

Do you add an etched crystal water carafe to their bedside table?

Have a little collection of bedside reading selections -- magazines or books?

Do you add a fresh stack of towels on a chair in the corner .....

....with some fabulous guest soaps?

Please tell me, what are your secrets for ensuring happy, content guests???

Friday, January 27, 2012

Men in Plaid

Mad for plaid.
Whether you love it 
or hate it.

It has been around for
a very, very long time.

Here are some plaid images
I have been drooling over lately.

Horse and plaid.

Pinned Image
Ralph Lauren

Lochcarrom Custom Tartan Gown, Tartan Wedding Dress

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Home of designer extraordinaire Scot Meacham Wood

 Time for me to crawl in bed and sleep. Have been sick since Wednesday so posting
 just hasn't happened this week. Need my rest. Good night! :)

guys in kilts
The End

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Silver Linings

From the moment 
I laid eyes
on this photo, 
I fell in love.

Simply divine.

Guess I just have a soft spot
in my heart for shiny silvery elegance.

Do you?


Pinned Image

Antique silver calling card boxes.

Pinned Image

Have you ever seen such a tub?

Can you imagine serving from this punch bowl during the holidays?

Would like to have a collection of these sterling tipped walking sticks.

I am not put off
by the fact that this wonderful
shiny metal needs a little TLC
every now and then.

In fact, I actually
enjoy polishing silver.
(I know, I'm weird that way)
I'm also very sentimental 
about my inherited silver pieces.

Do you love silver
or is it too 
high maintenance
to you?

from Ralph Lauren Home
Tell me your thoughts?

Where in the world?

Does anyone 
out there know
where on EARTH
I can find 
this wallpaper?

Thanks in advance
for your assistance and or input!

(I found it on Google images.)

 Are you good at tracking
these kinds of things down?
Hope so!

I need HELP!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back in Tack

It's January,
and for me, that means organizing 
 and swirling around accessories 
  and sometimes
even furniture pieces.

This is the tack room.

(You've probably seen it before?) 
Just moved around some accessories,
and moved two pieces of furniture
and thought I would take some
updated photos.

This old saddle rack is now across from the little plaid sofa.

(Oh my heavens.... seeing this post makes me realize I have a serious plaid addiction.
Might have to seek professional help. CAN'T EVER GET ENOUGH! Please ..... LOL with me!)

I moved the saddle rack from under the window
to the side wall and then replaced it with the
"gadrooned hall table" that came from
 Source Perrier catalog, 
remember that one?

I was so sad 
when it went out of business, 
were you?

I always loved their staged rooms 
with nearly everything in them for sale.
I am such a visual person -- seeing the items
in a vignette is very appealing to me, 
and they did it so well. 
They made me want to buy everything!

Antique tortoise shell binoculars.

Antique brass military horse blanket marker.

Anyhoo... this is the tack room today 
and it's small but cozy and it's my favorite
place to sit and have a phone conversation.

There is that large stagecoach trunk I posted about last week, under the table.

Antique horse snowshoes.

If you like the smell of cedar, 
you would like it here. 
A LOT of the first floor 
is cedar paneled
and even after 72 years, 
it is still very fragrant.

Decoupaged the top frame last winter with left over holiday wrap!

Max came in at the end of the shoot
to remind me to remind you 
about the linky party here 
on the 1st of February,
This time the theme is 
your favorite pet(s)!

Hope to see you there.

As always, thanks for coming by today!