Friday, September 30, 2011

Annie was here......

Well, I very well may be the last
blogger in bloggerland to buy 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
but I finally did.

Now I see what all the fuss is about!

For any of you Illinois girls
needing chalk paint,
please go to Carter's Cottage
in Dekalb, IL to buy your paint and waxes.
(One of two stockists in the state)

Christie, the darling owner of this sweet shop
on the main street there, is extremely
knowledgeable about the product line
and she teaches classes on how
to use all of the products.

Photo courtesy of Connie from

Her shop is filled with wonderful examples
of Annie Sloan painted furniture
so please go and visit 
and prepare to shop!

I bought only one color to try, 
and she only had the dark wax in stock,
 so here are my first finished pieces 
which will go into the shop tomorrow.

I used:
Paris Gray + Dark Wax

(These were all primed 
a couple weeks ago 
and I did not take any before pics... 
so as a point of reference, the table was a
red mahogany with lots of scratches,
the urns were a cheap bronze-look imitation,
and the mirror was a bright gold.)

These items have been in my booth 
for months and have not sold. 
Hoping the new improved versions will
help them fly out the door!

(NOTE to Christie at Carter's Cottage..... thank you so much for 
letting me into your wonderful shop on a rainy Tuesday when you were closed 
so I could buy your chalk paint! I was almost two hours from home and 
you took pity on me with my "puppy face"  and let me in! 
Thanks so much!  Alison)

Visit Christie at her blog or website:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall in the Entry

Decided to pull together a 
fall look for the front entry.

The cedar paneling is darker
than usual -- a cloudy day here.

I thought I would bring in 
two of my recent finds from the
Junk Bonanza --.
a small crazy quilt 
with a scalloped edge 
and this funky black vase,
which is not typically something I
would have purchased, but the two together.....
somehow really work! 

Perfect for a fall vignette, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Personal Shopper

Don't you love a friend
who becomes 
your personal shopper?

My sweet friend, Eric,
works at the antique shop
where our booth is located.

The other day 
when I was in the shop,
he told me something came in 
with one of the other dealers
and he thought
  I might like it.

he was right!

Look at this handsome tassel.

The horse
head top
is a heavy

For now, the tassel is hanging
on the back of the front door.
Love it! Thanks so much, Eric!

(P.S. If anyone knows where I can buy more of these, please let me know!)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Signs of Fall

The maple along the fence 
is always the first to turn.
It's still pretty warm here in Illinois,
but the sky is gray and it's been
 drizzling rain on and off all day.

Remember the antique top hat mold I found? Here it is as a candleholder.

I am trying my hardest 
to hold off
until October 1st
before buying 
our pumpkins and gourds.
 Only five more days to go 
and my willpower is fading!

Thank goodness I can get
a little fall decor fix with the
velvet pumpkins that I got last year.

They are from Hot Skwash.
I am sure every blogger must have
posted on them last fall 
because they are so soft
with a deep rich velvet
and even better....
they last from year to year.

So for now....
the velvet pumpkins 
are holding me over.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Idea House - Interior Shots

My last post shared with you
 the exterior of the
Bachmann's Idea House,
and as promised.... 
 here are some shots of the inside
of the house, which is a small
brick and stucco bungalow type Midwestern home.

Here is a shot taken last year of the house by my friend  Linda at ItsyBitsandPieces.blogspot,com

Coffee table in the family room.

As you know,
I am not one to shy away 
from taking lots of photos
when I am surrounded 
by INSPIRATION like this,
but my cell phone battery
was running out 
and so I had to skip a couple
rooms that I normally would not have!
So here is what I was able to capture
to share with you. 


if you are completely inspired
by these photos and wish to see
more of the Idea House 
and seasons of the past,
please go visit sweet Linda's blog at

 (She has many photos in her archives that you can access there)

Fireplace in casual living room.

Wall in living room.

Wall in sitting porch that was set up as a bar.

Wall in dining room 

Boys bedroom upstairs

Lamp made from a stack or baby board books.

Headboard made from new numbers on tin, made to look old.

Armoire in master bedroom.

Garden headboard in master bedroom.

Scoops on a wall become candle holders in the master above a radiator unit.

Family bathroom is small but has lots of details.

Shabby shutter as a valance treatment.

Upstairs den becomes a TV and media room with a homework desk.

Homework desk station.

TV wall with chalkboard surround.
The End!