Friday, July 29, 2011

Antiques on the Farm

Today we headed out to a new antique spot
that we had heard a lot of great things about
to stock up for the antique shop.

We were heading out to Josie's Antiques,
located on a picturesque farm
 in central Illinois just west of Chicago, 
in a small town called Maple Park.

We pulled down a long tree-lined lane
to a bucolic homestead in a clearing.
We were a few minutes early,
but Josie, the owner,  sweetly welcomed us
with her dog by her side,
and told us to feel free to enter the sheds and barns.

As she said this, she ran back into her farmhouse
to pull the fresh baked cookies
she makes everyday for guests
 out of the oven.

Two story barn full of antiques and the lower level is full of garden collectibles.

Her faithful companion takes a nap.

A little potting shed.



For over two hours, we managed
to get through a three level barn,
 and several sheds a few times each.
With so much to see, you'll need a few go-rounds.
So much fun!

We thought the prices were very reasonable
and there was something for every type of collector.

An added bonus ---- if you are an animal lover,
there were cats, a dog, goats, horses,
chickens and peacocks too!

So if you are in central Illinois,
make a point to go and shop with Josie!
You won't be sorry.

(Sixty miles or 1.5 hours west of Chicago)


Will show some of the things we bought
in another post soon!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage Finds

Went to the shop
to "swirl" things around yesterday
with Jenn, my business partner,
and as we were walking
to get to our booth....
she spied this for me
in another dealer's booth.

One of the hazards of having an antique shop.... you find things to "keep", not sell!

It is a leather fire bucket or pail
and though it is old
it is an antique repro
that must have been made as a prop
for Brooks Brothers.

If you know anything about this Brooks Brothers pail, please let me know!

Such a great patina on the leather.... the strap broke when I carried it in!

Then we went later in the day
to a very small flea market.

I say "small" because the
clouds were gray all day
and many vendors did not show.
(Only 8 to be exact!)
But I found a couple goodies anyway.

As found...haven't tried to polish them yet.

An instant small trophy collection.

Isn't she lovely?

Another alabaster lamp!

No swirly bulbs for this one.


Have you found any goodies recently?

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Last week I got the "bright" idea
to do a post on fireflies.

Well, it seems that when
it's 90+ degrees at night
they don't like the heat
anymore than you or I.

They were nowhere to be found!

But the rains came
and the temperatures dropped,
and they were out again blinking their way
through the cool night air.

My kids are now
18 and almost 16.
When I told them
they "needed" to help me
 catch lightning bugs
for my blog....
well, you can guess their reactions.

But they agreed to help,
and as they were running around
and swatting at the little glowing buggers....
things began to change.

I heard laughing,
and giggling
and there was a little
bit of a competitive spirit
in the air.

Funny how
life's simple pleasures
can take you right back
to your inner child.

I think there was
a little magic in the air,
along with those
little twinkling lights.

The last one takes flight!


 Sorry for the fuzziness of the photos.
Fireflies don't exactly stand still for the camera
and I am sure they could not
figure out what my camera flash was!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello lovely hydrangea.

I wish I had a picture
of the two old hydrangea trees
that flanked the centered sidewalk
of my grandparents
Victorian farmhouse.

They were small enough
that we could climb them
when we were little
without risking too much of a fall
 should we grab the wrong branch.

I remember how gorgeous they were in full bloom,
and how the giant blooms would turn pink in the fall.

Yesterday I posted
on my back porch and potted flowers 
and mentioned the blue hydrangea bush
that my friend just gave to me.

I Googled it
to see how and where I should plant it.
(What would we do without Google?
And yes, "googled" is a verb, at least in my world.)

Did you know
there are 5 basic species varieties
of hydrangea?

1. 'Annabelle' hydrangea arborescens

Giant flowers measuring up to 12" across.

2. Lacecap hydrangeas

The lace-cap climbing hydrangea vine has yet to start budding.

3. Mophead hydrangeas

This variety has large flat petals..

4. Oakleaf hydrangeas

Their flowers are more conical in shape and their leaves resemble oak foliage.

5. PeeGee and family hydrangeas

These have a deciduous wood stem system and can form bushes and trees.

Close-up of Pee Gee blossoms on a tree.


Do you grow hydrangea
in your garden?