Thursday, July 28, 2011



Last week I got the "bright" idea
to do a post on fireflies.

Well, it seems that when
it's 90+ degrees at night
they don't like the heat
anymore than you or I.

They were nowhere to be found!

But the rains came
and the temperatures dropped,
and they were out again blinking their way
through the cool night air.

My kids are now
18 and almost 16.
When I told them
they "needed" to help me
 catch lightning bugs
for my blog....
well, you can guess their reactions.

But they agreed to help,
and as they were running around
and swatting at the little glowing buggers....
things began to change.

I heard laughing,
and giggling
and there was a little
bit of a competitive spirit
in the air.

Funny how
life's simple pleasures
can take you right back
to your inner child.

I think there was
a little magic in the air,
along with those
little twinkling lights.

The last one takes flight!


 Sorry for the fuzziness of the photos.
Fireflies don't exactly stand still for the camera
and I am sure they could not
figure out what my camera flash was!


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Oh we use to catch them all of the time when we were kids. All of the neighborhood kids would get together and we would have jar's of them. We lived out in the boondocks, and we didn't have a lot to do. We sure had fun tho. Haven't thought about that in a long time. Thanks for bringing it up.

Karen said...

What a sweet thing for your kids and you. I love fireflies...who cannot? But I have to know, didn't you get devoured by mosquitos? :)


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜@ Debbiedoos blogging and blabbing said...

Hi Alison! I truly love this post. When I was a kid I would run around from lawn to lawn catching fireflies, and putting them in jars. I would then keep them on my window sill. My boys had NEVER seen a firefly until we moved to the Carolinas. My husband and I would sit on the porch and watch them run around and giggle catching them. It is just something very touching to see:) Thanks for sharing.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Great pictures! I get so excited when I see the first one of the season. Love to sit on the back porch and see them light up the yard.

Simply Bungalow said...

My kids love fireflies. It is fun to see their excitement when they come out and it is so true that it is near impossible to chase them without giggling!

waveney said...

Alison your blog spot sparked , perhaps one of my earliest childhood memories. "Memories light the corners of my mind"... Yes, I was probably 1 1/2 when my father took me back to Jasonville Indiana to meet my grandparents. They were poor down to earth folks and that was the only time I ever saw my grandmother whom I remember only from a photo but I will never forget the fire flies!

waveney said...

"MEMORIES LIGHT THE CORNORS OF MY MIND"..... Yes, this blog sparks, perhaps one of my earliest childhood memories. Just a toddler, my father took me to meet my grandparents in Jasonville Indiana. I never saw my grandmother again but I will always remember the magic of the fire flies. Waveney

Pamela Gordon said...

How fun to get your teens in on catching fireflies! They will never forget that time I'm sure! I didn't know the fireflies were still out. I haven't seen them for a while and figured their season was finished. Pamela

Blondie's Journal said...

I think your pictures turned out great...I'm horrible at night pictures! I loved chasing these little guys as a kid and I still feel like they are magical when I see them!


michele said...

love it.

you're capturing my childhood. lilacs, fireflies, kick the can, and the good humor man (is he next).

they're magic, aren't they? and not everyone around the country sees them.

thanks so much for the business at my etsy shop! so thrilled you'll be the owner!


Richard Cottrell said...

I am just crazy about fire flies. I just designed and helped with a local dance recital where the dancers did the "Dance of the Fire Flies". I put batter operated twinkle lights in fruit jars for them to carry as they danced. They looked like fire flies, I guess if you used your imgination. We used glow in dark paint for there faces. It was so much fun and the little ones really had a good time. Richard from My Old Historic House.PS. The farmers dog got out and ran away. I swear I did not do it, even though I wanted to. I sure hope he is OK!

Babs said...

Great post, Alison. It brings back childhood memories. Actually, I was watching some the other evening after we had a light shower.
Have you ever seen any that synchronize their lights?

Designs By Pinky said...

Oh what wonderful memories, of my childhood at my Grandmothers house, of MY children catching them and putting them in jars too. I still love them as OLD as I am:):) Thanks for this wonderful post! I think I will try to catch some tonight! XO, Pinky

Cozy Home Scenes said...

Okay, I'll admit I giggled at the thought of you asking teenagers to catch lightening bugs (hey that's what we call them in the South!) because that wouldn't have been a cool thing for me to do at that age.

Every kid loves them. I know I spent many summer nights chasing after them. Too bad so many of us consider ourselves too old to enjoy one of nature's pleasures that used to bring us so much joy. I'm glad your "kids" got to experience that one more time!

Sarah said...

Oh, I do miss fireflies! Izzy and I would catch and release all the time while we lived in the US....unfortunately no fireflies here in Australia - SP

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