Thursday, November 3, 2011

The blog that binds us....

On Saturday morning,
I had the pleasure of meeting
Vicki and Barb of Curly Willow DIY
and Stacey of A Sort of Fairy Tale Girl blogs.
(Photo above: Vicki, Barb, Stacey and me)

I have never met them before.
We had a blast.... instant sisterhood.

I have to share with you 
something so funny.....

Here was the scene,
picture this.

Vicki and Barb 
got to the very busy
breakfast only restaurant 
on Saturday morning.
They were waiting for 
Stacey and me to arrive separately.
(Barb and Vicki are old friends and share their blog.)

I got there and walked 
into a very crowded waiting
area of the restaurant, 
people sitting and standing
and waiting all around us. 
(Each one holding their vibrator, I mean restaurant pager.) LOL

 I walk in 
and casually look 
around the room....
and with a big bright smile,
Vicki says, "Alison?"

Yes! It's me!

She jumps up and hugs me,
and introduces herself, and then introduces
her dearest friend Barb, who also hugs me,
and we were all smiling and saying "so nice
to meet you".... and "how are you"....
etc. etc. etc.

Well, you can imagine...
the people waiting in the room --- 
the observing strangers, 
were all looking at us and wondering....
what on earth?!?!?
(We were acting like 
long lost best friends,
who had never met!)

It was hilarious, really.

And to make it even funnier,
we were holding little trinket gifts
to give to Stacey because it was
her birthday
and even though 
we had never met her
 we decided to bring her small tokens
of friendship to give to her 
since it WAS her birthday
and she was coming to meet us,
her faceless blogging buddies!!

more hugs and laughs and 
"so nice to meet you's"
and by the way,
"Happy Birthday!"
more hugs and laughs...
and I kept wondering 

what on EARTH is
going through the observers' 
minds trying to figure us all OUT!!!!

Too funny, as you can imagine.

I ♥ my blogging friends.
(Just learned how to do THAT from my blogging friend, 
Sue of Sullivan and Murphy blog! Thanks Sue!)

This was taken at Nada Farm last month,
I went with Jeannie from TheGildedJunqueYard blog.

My business partner who I share our antiquing blog with,
Jenn. You can find us blogging at

Suzanne from Privet and Holly blog and Linda from Itsy Bits and Pieces blog at the Junk Bonanza

I have been so fortunate to meet
several blogging friends 
since I started blogging
in February. 

This was a scene last March at the Illinois Bloggirls Party. Joy at SavyCityFarmer, then Jeannie at TheGildedJunqueYard, then Monika at ChasingButterflies on the sofa, and in white Penny at AtHomeinEnglishValley, Suzanne from AtHomewiththeFarmerswife on the sofa, next Kathleen from CharmBraceletDiva blog and I am munching a cookie on the far right but seated next to Tracey at FrenchLarkspur in the corner. Such a great day! Hosted by Jenn Rizzo and Heidi at DreamsIntertwined blog.

New friendships that I truly treasure. 
You all inspire me on a daily basis!

Have you met any 
of your blogging friends in person?

Tell me about it!

Sweet Stacey "the birthday girl" came with me after brunch to Anna's where my antique space is located!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh this looks like so much fun. Isn't it funny how when you meet a fellow blogger that you have been following, you absolutely are best friends already. I love that. Yes, I have been so fortunate to meet quite a few and it is always the most fun ever. So glad you all had a chance to get together. Hugs, Marty

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Allison, this sounds like a magical kind of day! I have met several blog friends and it really makes it special because as I read their blogs, I can almost hear them talking and see their faces. So glad that you all had such a marvelous time (times!).


Miss Kitty said...

Thanks for sharing those fun photos and the cute stories that go along with them. I am hoping to meet some blog "friends" at "Haven" next Juen in Atlanta...I already have my ticket!

Miss Kitty said...

oopps...I should proofread before pushing the "publish" button...I meant to say "June" instead of "Juen" in the above comment.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Yes, I have met a few and will be meeting more this Sunday at a brunch.

Cindy said...

I had only been blogging for a few months when a blogger commented that we lived in the same city and I got to meet her. There is something very special about her, when we are together there is never a shortage of topics to explore or words to express ourselves. She is probably 20 years older than me, but when we talk, the years disappear. We are united by a common love for God, decorating and crafting. Very special! There is a girl down in Georgia that I am determined to meet, we have so much in common.
Lovely post! Hugs, Cindy

AntiqueChase said...

OMGosh you guys are a riot and sounds like you had so much fun... don't forget who your BFF is !! LOL

I did a post about something I bought at the flea market and had a lady, Kathee, write to me on my blog and said "I sold that to you"... of course I thought it was such a small world...

Next time I was at that flea market, I found her and introduced myself.."Hi, I'm Marcy"...

It was so funny to hear her say "HI Antiquechase!"

I feel like she's an old friend, even though we really don't "know" eachother... LOL

Kelly said...

I'm so new at blogging that I only know my sister. However, I'm going with her to a brunch this weekend and will be meeting several for the first time. I'm very excited. Looks like you've met some good ones! I read some of the blogs that you mentioned.

Designs By Pinky said...

Great story, Alison!!! Too funny! The only other blogger I have met is Yvonne from Stone Gable!!!!! We have become GOOD friends. In fact I now go to her Bible study, drive an hour each week to attend. She is a sweetheart as you would imagine. Have a great weekend. XO, Pinky

Divine Theatre said...

Wow. How technology has changed the way we interact!
Looks like you had fun!


Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

this was such a fun day! i loved your post and cute pics! hope it won't be long before we meet up again...

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Allison, What a great post! I have met several other bloggers and there is such an instant connection! Looks like you have had some wonderful times with the great ladies you have met!

Bring Pretty Back said...

How fun! I have not met any bloggers in real life... But i hope to one day!
Those of us that blog just "Get it"! I have some friends that just dont understand wyy someone would want to blog!

Have fun!!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

How fun Alison..I have meet a few bloggers and had a blast with them..Pray all is well in your world my dear friend..come by I'm having a give away been gone for over a month because of triple by-pass surgery..hugs and smiles to you Gl♥ria

The enchanted home said...

Allison, this is the icing on the cake for bloggers!! What a wonderful story about friendship and blogging! I love it.....being newish almost 10 months, wow.....I haven't met any YET but several people and I plans in the future to meet up and I am sure we will end up following through when our paths cross. It is such a special and unique group of unbelievably caring and giving supportive people, it wams my heart to be a part of it. What a fun day that must have been!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great meet up, Alison! Yes, I did meet up with someone! I think we may both be blogging about it soon, but we didn't take a lot of pictures. It was wonderful and we clicked amazingly. There wasn't an awkward silence to be had! : ) I think you wind up getting past all that with blogging because you feel like you know your blogging buddies already. When I left my new real life friend, I felt like I had known her for years!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What fun, Alison. I have never met any of you in person, but would love to someday. Maybe I can get to a Chicago area brunch, at some point. I would love that!

Karen said...

I have not, but I have made some wonderful blogland friendships. Lucky you!..

Cottage and Broome said...

How fun you all got to meet up! It is always nice to connect a face with someone you have chatted with on line. Laura Cottage and Broome

laxsupermom said...

What fun! I got to meet Carrie at Dittle Dattle when she was up in my neck of the woods for a motocross race for her son. She is just the sweetest person ever. Tough thing about living nowhere near a large city is the lack of nearby blog friends.

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Vicki @ CurlyWillow said...

That was a super fun day!! So funny when you tell people about what your doing and they have no idea what a blog is.... we are all so blessed to be inspired daily by each other! Remember, next time... at your house!!

Barb@curlywillowdiy said...

Hahaha! So fun and so FUNNY! What a great time we had. Such a pleasure meeting you and Stacey! Look forward to doing it again!


Cozy Home Scenes said...

I've never met other bloggers. In fact, I don't even know anyone in "real life" who blog. Everyone I know kinda thinks this is some weird, unknown realm, though they seem fascinated that I do this every day.

Looks like you had a great day, and it's so great you've met so many blogging friends in person!

Have a great weekend ALison!

Mary Anne said...

I will have to agree that meeting up and sharing life with those 'faceless' bloggers is one of the best things we can do! Communication on line and meeting on line is one meet in person is another!! Such a fun day you all must have had! Include me next time, I am a local gal and would love to meet you all.
Joy, of the Savvy City Farmer and I have become the best of friends just because of bloggin. In fact, we are doing a holiday event in my home next Sunday, November 13th! Western Springs, why don't you all come???????? Love to have you!

Thanks for your darling story!

Spring will bring local bloggers together in my home.........stay tuned!

Pathane Wadler said...

LOL at the vibrator! Hahahaha. I was so amazed when I first saw a restaurant pager. I felt so cool the first time I tried that futuristic way of ordering. Hehehehehe. Seems like you guys had a great time.