Thursday, January 29, 2015


A lifestyle mantra for me.

A phrase that plays over and over and over
in my head through the years.

W W R D ?

What would Ralph do?

Though I have never 
(and never will have)
 the budget that Ralph Lauren has
when he decorates a room or home ---
 I almost ALWAYS 
ask myself this question
when making a decision 
on a purchase
for our home 
whether it be for an accessory or a larger piece.

W W R D ?

(I keep threatening to print this on a t-shirt -- 
my own personal little joke!)

Ralph Lauren has THE most wonderful style ---
hands down, 
in my opinion,
and he never waivers.

He has stayed true to himself
through the years and has not fallen into
the new trend traps,
thank you for this, Mr. L.

Your style is timeless and classic,
comfortable and elegant.
Creative and clever.
Expected and yet not.

You are not afraid of collections 
or multiple layers in a room --
not a minimalist, 
a kindred spirit in that sense. 

You give so many of us 
 a style to covet
and one so many of us
 enjoy trying to duplicate
in part or in whole in our
humble homes.

Ralph Lauren Home

YOU are my inspiration
for interior design.


Oh yeah, I know.


Thank you, Mr. Lauren.

With loving appreciation
from one of your
BIGGEST and most GRATEFUL fans,

Alison :)


Rebecca said...

I couldn't agree with you more about RL.

I think he would be very proud of having influenced you & your beautiful home, Allison!

Your admiration for him shows!

Karen said...

I agree 100% He is a beacon of style that helps remind me to be true to what I love, not to get wrapped up in the year's current "trend" (unless it fits with an individual's style).
These rooms are images I could study and admire forever!

Ron said...

Beautiful, Alison. I agree too! I love that he does not succumb to trends like neutrals and minimalism. He certainly has stayed true to himself and his style. I too am a fan.
By the way, I met him and his wife Ricky this past summer in Telluride. What a treat for me:)

Karena said...

Alison You are right on target with RL and his Style/look which we all recognize and love to use!
Great images!!

French Artist Frederique Chemin

Sarah said...

Your mantra, WWRD, makes me smile and giggle with delight. Your beautiful polohouse certainly reflects your mantra! I've been an admirer of RL design for as long as I can remember. It's classic, refined, and full of warmth and character. Like you, I admire his commitment to stay true to himself. Austin was fortunate to have a beautiful RL store for many years. I remember going regularly just to wander the rooms to take in the beautiful vignettes. That location closed and a smaller one opened in another center. It's beautiful, but not the same because it is only clothing. Still it's a pleasure!
This is a sincere tribute to RL. I hope he sees it!

gme said...

Great post! I love that he isn't afraid of color and pattern. Something that we haven't seen much of the last few years with the gray, neutral trends so popular. Looking at his rooms gives such a feeling of warmth and luxury. His style is such an inspiration. Thank you for the reminder.

michele said...

ha! i love him though you wouldn't see much of his influence in my decor except that it is relaxed and aims for timelessly classic. i guess my mantra these days is wwppd...what would pam pierce do? peace to you right where you are.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Great post, Alison! Ralph can do no wrong in my eyes! Love his flair for pattern, texture and layers. Great classic and timeless designs.

Pinehurst Farm said...

I agree!
If it is Ralph Lauren, I will love it. Our TJMaxx store always has wonderful and affordable Ralph Lauren items!


Susan Hawthorne said...

I echo your sentiments- he is the ultimate inspiration.

therelishedroost said...

I am going to The Polo Bar next Saturday so I can see what Ralph Did! Love this post!!

Unknown said...

I agree with you! I love Ralph (even named a dog after him - a gorgeous Golden Retriever) I have a notebook of his styles and even keep the photos that come with the bedspreads and comforters I have purchased from Mr. Lauren... just for inspiration!

Babs said...

Love your mantra!
Ralph Lauren's timeless and classic designs have always been a favorite of mine. We're thinking of changing a few things in our family sofa, etc. and your WWRD is going to be my guide. :) Thanks, Alison!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love everything about Ralph Lauren, his fabrics, his furniture, his home decor, his clothes...everything!...and my favorite restaurant in Chicago was RL's I could have stayed in that restaurant all day!!

Janette - The2Seasons said...

I love, love, love RL. Thanks for sharing so many of his beautiful rooms. I saw a documentary about his car collection which is one of the best collections in the world. I had absolutely no idea. He uses the designs of his cars to sometimes inspire his creativity.