Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Could be yours....

The time has finally come.

It is official. 


We've listed our beloved Polohouse 
so that a new family or couple 
can move in, 
make wonderful memories,
and enjoy it as much as we have.

Yes, it could be yours!

With teary eyes I type...
not all houses crawl into your heart 
and become part of your soul 
like this one has.

It is very, very special.

Took these shots today while waiting for a 
drone photographer to come by and take some
footage for the realty company.

We are not sure where we will go from here.
NC? SC? TN? KY? CA? Or ?

We are just starting to explore our options.
I'm ready for a new adventure
but I cannot lie...
pulling out of this driveway 
on moving day will not be a pretty site,
I can assure you of that!

I will be a 
big-fat-hot-cry-me-a-river mess.

 This is going to be hard.

So there it is,
our house for sale 

Please let me know if you 
or someone you know
would like to take a turn owning this
beautiful old home.

Thanks so much~


Rebecca said...

I can't imagine how difficult this decision was/is for you. Having made it, I KNOW you will create another beautiful home and environment wherever you "land".

Susan said...

I certainly have enjoyed you sharing your home with us. It is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind house, with lots of character. Good Luck to you on your new home adventure ~

Ron said...

This has always been a favorite house of mine, but I am not sure I could survive the cold winters up there.
Cherish the memories! I know you will make even more great ones wherever you end up.
Good luck!


Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Your home is so beautiful and stately. I can well imagine it will be difficult to leave it. I always thought that having a home in the north so you can enjoy the summer and fall seasons but then a 2nd home somewhere south to enjoy warmer weather through the winter would be ideal! Best wishes on a this new venture!

Bonnie said...

Dear Allison....I am so happy that we were able to see this beautiful home in person when we came to do the photoshoot. It was an honor to work with you and your family (furbabies included) and I know this will be difficult to leave....so many memories there. But, there are more memories to make and
changes will be great too. You will make any home you move into wonderful. Will be thinking of you and keep us posted about your new adventures. B

Karen said...

You ha,ve my understanding and sympathy. We move on the 8th of July from our cottage of 35 years. While im sad we feel ready to embark on this next chapter. There is something to the feeling of lightness after paring down. Please let me know if you land in California. Id love tomeet you inperson and take you to lunch.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Your home and property are so beautiful that I cannot see it lasting very long on the market!...Yes, houses that we have lived in seem to be a part of the family and leaving them are just so difficult....not just leaving a structure but so many memories behind for another family to create new ones. I did not know that you were truly relocating....it was very hard for us to relocate from Florida where my hubby and I lived most of our lives to NC...however, it was a great move and we love NC....Good luck on your new adventure...looking forward to updates! P.S. We too are placing our home on the market, but only moving about 10 miles away...building our "right-sized" home.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So bittersweet, Alison...ready for a new adventure, but so many memories.
You'll take those with you, of course, but I know it is hard. We will be going through the process soon ourselves.We have been her 30 years now.
I hope the process goes smoothly for you and you find just the right buyer. xoxox

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Such a pretty home. It had me at the kitchen. Good luck with your new home adventures. I'm a native Californian living in Texas. I was just in California helping my mom pack for moving. She's selling her home in Sonoma CA, which US News and World Reports just put out a Best Small Towns To Visit list and Sonoma was number one even before Aspen, Jackson Hole, Breckenridge et al. You might want to go to their website and check out what they have to say about the 15 small towns they featured.

The French Hutch said...

Your home was the reason I started following your blog Alison, I though it was so beautiful and I am so glad I did, Getting to know you and enjoying your beautiful decorating style in the Polo House has been so much fun. Now I will get to follow your decorating and adventures in your new home, wherever that may be. I know how hard it is to move away leaving all those memories but You will make new ones on your new adventure! Keep in touch and all the best as you make life changes...........Hugs.

Debbie Freitag said...

What a lovely home. I'm sure you will miss it. We just sold ours but unlike you I was not sad to say goodbye. It was time to move on. It sounds exciting to be unsure of your next location though! I'm sure your next home will be just as beautiful. Good luck on your listing!

Our Hopeful Home said...

I wish I could move in in your stead, Alison! But no such luck, I'm relegated to raising three teens in our non-Polo House. Why are you leaving if you're not sure where to go? I know that you will figure this out and end up in a good place. Thoughts and prayers are with you. xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

Linda A. said...

Lovely,lovely home.
Where is your home located.....state, county?
Some lucky family will adore it!

Roxanne Wilde said...

I have lived in California all my adult life, and believe me when I say the golden days are a thing of the past! The taxes, the price of homes, the budget totally out of control, spending billions for a train to no where, the traffic, serious frequent droughts, and elected officials unwilling to confront the problems head on. I remember the golden days fondly, but that's all it is.....a memory. Lest you think I live in some dreadful smog ridden inner city, I live in Carmel, which anyone will tell you is wonderful. Yes, but sometimes one has to leave to find a Target ! Lol Everyone I know here who isn't tied down by work or family is headed for NC or SC, two of your other choices. Just sayin'...... whatever you decide, best of luck! New adventures around every corner.