Saturday, January 24, 2015

Animal Prints

Almost everyone loves 
an animal print.

Whether you it have it in your closet
or have it in your living space,
most people can admit that they 
have it somewhere.

This makes me dizzy....

via Veranda magazine

You might remember
that I mentioned in a post here
that I found a woven leopard velvet 
that I wanted to use for
our family room tufted ottoman?

It has been recovered!
(Will share pictures soon.)

Brunschwig & Fils Velvet Beige 8012113.12
I selected Brunschwig's Velvet Leopard

I currently have two clients
that are just crazy about animal prints.

There are so many 
wonderful versions of  animal prints
out there to choose from and they come in
every color under the rainbow
so it's been a lot of fun searching out
the perfect choices for their rooms.

Leopard Chaise

One of Charles Faudree's rooms

While investigating ...
I wondered what the difference was
between a jaguar and a leopard print
as they are so similar.

I decided to share my findings on 
 animal prints 
so we can all see how to identify
the stripes or spots
so specifically arranged by nature --
each having their own unique patterns.

The Leopard (sub-Saharan Africa, NE Africa, Central Asia, India, and China)  
The leopard's spots are rounded shapes with darker tan centers and broken black circles.

The Jaguar (South and Central America)

A jaguar has spotted circles on their fur. Very different from a leopard.

The Ocelot (South America, Mexico, Trinidad and Margarita, Central America - and rare sightings in Texas and Arizona) 
The spots on the ocelot's coat are more elongated and are a series of dots and lines
in an almost stretched or smeared pattern.

The Cheetah (Africa and Iran)

This fast cat's fur has a dotted pattern -- very easily identified.

And last but not least
 we have the 
striped guys to talk about...
the tiger and the zebra.

The magnificent tiger (Asia, Turkey, Russia) 

The Zebra (Africa)

The zebra skins are much more brown and white then black and white.
It's interesting to see the stripe patterns.

Here are some of my favorite
 animal print fabrics
that you can use in your home decor.
Lots of lovely options!

Colefax and Fowler's Ocelot
Brunschwig & Fils Velvet Beige 8012113.12
Brunschwig's Velvet Leopard 

Brunschwig & Fils Linen Fabric Custom Designer Throw Pillows Le Zebre Brown Pair
Le Zebre by Brunschwig & Fils
clarence house ocelot
Clarence House's Ocelot fabric
Barclay Butera - Lots of patterns
via Barclay Butera

Colefax and Fowler's Kruger

Duralee 15382-193

We have this Brunschwig & Fils on a long bench in the living room.
Kotuko Grospoint
Cowtan and Tout's Jaguar

Do you have any 
animal print in your home?

Lee Jofa Silk Yellow 2005227.4
Lee Jofa's Silk Tiger 

JUNGLE F2861002 - Designed by Pierre Frey
Pierre Frey's Jungle

Pierre Frey's Giraffe
ia Elle Decor magazine 

Osborne and Little's Kuri Velvet

dining room
via OnPinehurstPlace blog
Scalamandre LEOPARDO in Ivory, Gold & Black - Animal Velvet fabric 26168M-001
Scalamandre's Leopardo
via Architectural Digest

via Alessandra Branca

And if so,
do you wear them
decorate with them?

I really want to know!

 via Ralph Lauren 

Do you recognize the pattern!? Which fur is it?


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Alison I love a little animal print both to wear and to decorate with!! Can't wait to see your the fabric!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I don't have any in my home but my daughter just added a beautiful, round, leopard print ottoman; it makes the room. I would be satisfied with a pair of leopard print shoes.

Toni said...

The last print the woman was wearing was the Ocelot. I LOVE animal prints though I wouldn't want the real thing or my sons would never come home (animal rights sympathizers). But I have Leopard prints in a throw, pillows and ottoman in my family room and I love wearing Leopard sassy!

Sarah said...

Another excellent and informative post, Alison. A little bit of animal print is classic both in ones wardrobe and in the house. I have it in my wardrobe in tops, scarves, and shoes. Very little in our home, just a touch on a needlepoint pillow and a throw.
Know your ottoman looks fab. Eager to see it!

Karena Albert said...

Alison I do adore seeing a bit of animal print in both fashion and decor. I have flats in leopard and a small rug in zebra.The velvet's are so sumptuous!

The Arts by Karena

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

Yes, I do! I both wear and decorate with them. I have some leopard flats that I love to wear!

Karen said...

I have shoes in a leopard pattern, I love them. I confess, I've wanted to add an accent pillow or foot stool in a pattern like one of the many you've shared in this post. While I love taxidermy, I don't know why, but I don't think I can own a rug. I don't mind seeing them in other people's homes and I do like the look. I just have a tiny problem with the hide idea.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

I have RL cheeta print driving flats and they feel fabulous!

I've been spending (way too much) time on your gorgeous Pinterest page today. Now I've got to get busy and get back to work! Thanks for the beautiful images!