Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Treasures Found

Some new treasures to share.

Gotta love collecting 

Flea markets.
Estate sales.
Garage sales.
Church rummage sales.
Thrift shops.




E  V  E  R


where you might find

your next prize.

Found this carved vintage French style chair for a song
at a rummage sale last month with the sweetest needlepoint details.

Then one day last fall I found this:

An antique (c. 1870) British glazed stoneware coat of arms whiskey barrel turned lamp.

Pretty old details and I can't say no to a crest. 

While antiquing in some antique shops nearby, 
found these:

Ornate lidded sugar bowls  -- larger than most at apprx. 8-9" high.

One of my prize possessions - an extra large antique hawksbill tortoiseshell -- over 2 feet long.
The ribs are still intact on the back. This was an old turtle. 

An unusual coat of arms horse brass found last Friday on an outing.

Our sweet handyman, Wesley, found this vintage silver-plate cigarette box lid
along his alley dumpster one day.It's the lid only and needed polished desperately
but looks at home next to the old silver lighter. 

Found these two old sewing boxes with mother-of-pearl inlays at a flea market
 a couple months ago.  

What prizes have you found lately?


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wow, you have found some beauties. I love that lamp!

Ron said...

Alison, I adore your style. You found some beautiful things. I love the tortoise shell so much. xo


Dear Alyson, you have such fabulous collections, my style! That needle point chair is fabulous, so uinique and awesome! You always find great things, just perfect for your gorgeous house.

NanaDiana said...

You find the BEST things. That chair is amazing-so is the silver and that lamp. My gosh! What great finds everything is! Happy upcoming week-xo Diana

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Alison, you always find the best treasures! Everything is beautiful; and I especially love those sugar bowls! You have exceptional taste!

Karen said...

Nothing nearly as wonderful as your recent treasures...although I maintain anyone east of the Rockies enjoy a great advantage when shopping for antiques, but I did find a charming little blue and white transferware small bowl from our Assistant League thrift store for less than $2.
I too am soft for a crest on almost anything. What a wonderful lamp.

michele said...

oh my, the cigarette box. you lucky girl!


Katie Clooney said...

Wow... great finds, Alison! Positively adore that french chair!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Great stuff, Alison. I've been trying to stay out of thrift stores and away from flea markets, etc. since we're moving. Makes for a very dull existence, indeed:)

Tina C said...

What wonderful finds! The only treasures I have found are so called "lost items" that I have found while doing my spring cleaning..... :)
Have a great day,

Busy Bee said...

It has been over 25 years but we had a cat named Graysilk and she had a sock fetish like your cat. She would go through the laundry basket and pull out every sock and put them in a line down the hallway. I don't recall any strange noises from her when she did it. Maybe they are related?