Monday, March 31, 2014

In a nutshell ...

A few years ago
I spotted this funky old 
egg vase in an antique shop.

I thought it was a paper mache' egg
on a wooden base. The aged crackled peeling paint 
patina was something I couldn't pass up.
It stands about 7 - 8" tall.

I've pulled it out every spring 
to use as a decoration, 
but it wasn't until yesterday 
that I realized that it 
was not paper mache' at all.

By George, I believe
it's a coconut shell!

This year miss bitty bunny 
has decided to perch herself in
the egg since her jointed little legs
don't allow her to stand up 
on her own.

(We all have our "issues")

I took so many photos that she was not very happy.  

Close-up of miss pouty face.

So that's pretty much it ----
in a nutshell.



NanaDiana said...

That would be in a COCO nut shell, I presume? lol xo Diana

Art @ Home said...

*giggles* Miss Bunny looks right at home in the coconut shell! Cute post! :D

Debra Oliver said...

oh she's super cute,and her little nut, too! love her little pout, such adorable pics!

Sarah said...

You have me smiling and giggling, Alison. Miss bitty bunny is adorable, pouty face and all. A few bunnies hopped out of the storage bin today. It's fun to have a bit of whimsey sitting about. Hope you are having some nice spring weather now.

Karen said...

That was a cute post. I wouldn't have guessed the coconut could look so much like an antique with its chippy paint and all. Is Miss Bitty Bunny an antique? I love her pouty face.

White Weathered Hutch said...

Too cute!! Love the wee bunny!

Lynne said...

Excellent, perfect, ADORABLE post . . .
Love your itsy bitsy bunny girl . . .

Dee Lapin said...

So cute! The coconut does look like an egg.

therelishedroost said...

Big love here, that is so adorable!!!

Annelein said...

She is so sweet!