Monday, July 15, 2013

He'll leave you smiling....

Have you ever 
been around anyone
who just makes you 
no matter what 
they say or do?

I'm the kind of person 
who smiles at everyone...
just ask my kids. 
Doesn't matter who you are -- you get a smile.
It's me. It's what I do.
(Got the crow's feet to prove it.)

I love it when a smile is returned.
So sad when they're not -- that takes so
much deliberate frown-ish effort. 
How can you NOT smile back 
when someone smiles at you? 
Just don't get that.

Ok, back on subject.
I am drawn to
happy people 
 radiating with positive energy. 

So, when I was online a few years ago 
 looking for a good cake recipe,
my life changed 
 the moment I laid eyes on

........ drumroll please ........

Charles Phoenix 

I found him quite by accident 
on a video clip 
making his world famous cake recipe:

(Oh, this creation is unbelievable --- you must watch this)
(Link to see this here)

Are you thinking that smile is familiar?
Are you wishing you had the same dentist like I am?

 You may have seen him
on one of his numerous appearances on
the Martha Stewart Show,
or  on 
The Conan O' Brien?

(Charles is a performer, humorist, 
chef and author.
 He is from the Los Angeles area and you 
can read more about him and see clips 
and his retro slide collection, etc. etc. etc. 
at his website here)

Oh. My. Goodness.
This man is not only a hoot --
he has a smile that gets embedded in your heart.

My daughter and I found his Facebook page
a couple of years ago,  months after watching
 the Cherpumple video clip, 
and started asking -- no -- pleading him 
to consider bringing his show to Chicago.

he made it!!!!
and put on a fantastic
show about retro Chicago destinations
and vintage signage.

Charles came a few days early and got to see some of Chicagoland's beloved spots.
Charles at the McDonald's store museum in Des Plaines, IL

We rounded up a group of fun gals
and headed to the city for the evening
to meet Charles and see him 
at a local version of his retro slide show.

What an inspiring speaker!

Charles makes you look at things
with an open heart and mind
urging you to find 
beauty and appreciation in  
the whimsy and artful expressions 
of quirky retro Americana.

Please watch his video clips
try to catch one of his shows
 on the west coast,
purchase one of his many books


for more of his fun interpretations
of this off-beat chapter in our country's history.

He will have you agreeing...
 "they just don't make them like this anymore." 

Photo: WHERE is SoCal's beloved Tail 'O the Pup hiding ??? ... The iconic 1946 hot dog stand is supposedly sitting somewhere in the South Bay awaiting a new life ... but does ANYBODY know exactly where ???

He's very charismatic 
and has a contagious laugh
and sense of humor 
that makes you just want to 
hang out with him for hours!

We miss you Charles 
and we are anxious 
to have you come back

Next time, we will fill the 

(yep, I am coining the term.)

Come back soon! 

xox -
Alison, Self-proclaimed President,
Chicago Chapter of  The Phoenixters


NanaDiana said...

I LOVE people like that and I don't know this guy but I can tell he is one happy fellow. I am a smiler, too, and my kids tell me I can make a best friend for life on an elevator ride to the third floor. I think they exaggerate. It would have to be at least 5 floors! xo Diana ps. You girls sure are cute!!!

Pura Vida said...

what a fun fanciful fantastic post!
that made me smile! I'm in your club!

Katie Clooney said...

I just realized I was smiling when I read your post! Looks like a great guy. Will definitely look him up on FB. Adorable picture of you and your friends!

Connie (aka LOU) said...

Hey Alison - Yes, I was smiling all the way through your post too, and enjoying the old pictures. So cool you were able to get a picture with him. He had to enjoy it also with such a lovely group.
Connie Lou

therelishedroost said...

Very funny, looks like he would be a good time!!