Friday, May 31, 2013

What's behind your ....


Glass Cabinets & Warm Woods

What's behind the glass doors 
in your kitchen?

(If you have them.)

Love the vintage silver meat cloches/domes on the wall in the background,  via Pinterest.


via Pinterest

Glass door kitchen cabinets.

How do you feel about them?

Do you like them, or not?
Do they stress out your need for neatness?

I went back and forth 
on having glass doors in our kitchen
a few years ago when we were ready 
to tackle the kitchen remodel.

I love the look, but I am not terribly organized
and I live with a family who is even less -- 
so that was just not going to work,
at least for the day to day constantly used items.

Since the most frequently used cabinets 
run from counter top to ceiling,
we added small glass doors at the top
 for display since they require a ladder to access them.

The glass door cabinets flanking the hood hold less used items.

I knew I would be mainly storing 
a collection of white ironstone 
so I added a dark stained wood
wide bead board backing to the sections with glass doors 
so the white ceramics would have contrast again the wood.

I'm happy with the results.
But I did make one huge mistake.
We added two towers of cabinets 
that sit back on the counter top on either side of the sink.

Well ... I did not even think about it
from a storage standpoint. You lose
a lot of depth when you do this,
and on the day 
that I was finally given the 
green light
to begin putting my things 
into the new cabinets after the remodel,
I realized in an instant that our large dinner plates
would not fit into the new shallow cabinets!!!

So I ran to the shop and pulled out a stack of old
vintage white ironstone oval shaped diner plates
to use for our everyday instead.
How did I not think about this!?

It's fine. It all worked and it's probably better
that we are not using the extra large WS Home plates anymore.
I think the bigger the plate, the more you eat
so there! I did us all a favor.

 Recently, my client/friend asked me 
to help her arrange her things 
in her glass door kitchen cabinets.

Her cabinets are off white, formal, and dressy
with an off white backboard.
 She has white dishes and clear glasses.
These cabinets flank her sink and store her everyday pieces
and with 10-foot ceilings, there are a lot of shelves up high that will
need to be staged and more decorative.

 So I have been looking for ideas on how to 
arrange things for her with these specific factors. 

She does like vintage white ironstone,
and we found a few new pieces to add 
like this gravy boat from
Arte Italica.

Arte Italica Gravy Boat with Ladle

We fell in love with these little guys
from Juliska. They have lion's heads on them.

 Pwt     Soup

More of the same set from Juliska. It has a metallic brown/pewter glaze. Love this stuff!

We are not yet done collecting and have to find 
some additional pieces to fill the spaces.
Maybe some pitchers and platters, lidded tureens or pedestals? 
Will have to buy and try things to see what ultimately works.

 Ironstone Lidded Tureen

A lovely vintage collection.

I'm hoping she will let me photograph it 
and share it when we are done!

I will keep you posted.

My love of tortoiseshell has trickled down to even this level,  :)

Tomorrow is 
Favorites on the First!

Get your 
favorite artwork 
ready to share,  ok?
See you then.


Nita Stacy said...

Well, first...I love your kitchen. I like that your cabinets are not real deep but I too never would have thought about the dishes not fitting. True it is better to eat on small plates. I love glass front cabinets and thought I wanted some on either side of my sink. Originally when I moved into this house...I thought that would be an early project to replace the doors on either side of the sink with glass. But then I decided to take the doors off entirely on a different section and I REALLY love that! It opened the kitchen right up. At first I kept dishes there I used...but I hated seeing the jumble of I broke down and styled it using things that I rarely use all in white and silver. Now I really love it...and want to open up one more cabinet but it's where I keep art supplies...this house is so low on storage as it is...I've put it off....cause I'll just want to put pretty things there. Love all the examples you shared and can't wait to see what you do for your friend.

The enchanted home said...

Love them considering I have almost an entire kitchen of Bummer about your cabinets that are too shallow. Had that happen in my old house and have to modify. I think the look is beautiful but it does require having to be sure everything looks neat otherwise its a bit distracting. I love the light it brings into any kitchen. Enjoy your day....

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Your kitchen is so beautiful, Alison. I hope I get to see someday, in person!


Great post....your kitchen is OF COURSE gorgeous and I do love some glass cabinets!

Andrea said...

Love this post as I am just putting away our things in our new kitchen. I only added glass cabs at the very top, and put in brown transferware. I made a mistake too....I saved thousands of dollars by not using painted wood inside the glass cabs. We thought they were high up enough and close enough to the white cabs that white melamine would be ok. Wrong. I may be the only one that notices since I spent the time styling those cabs, but the white melamine IS noticeable and cheapens our rather pricey kitchen. I'm going to add paintable beadboard to the back and paint it a 50% lighter colour than our walls (aloft grey/blue). I love the idea that you used wood beadboard for your ironstone. Your entire kitchen is utterly gorgeous!

AntiqueChase said...

Wonderful post with lots of inspiring photos. I love your kitchen and who knew oval plates would be such a game changer.

Erin Erickson said...

I love glass cabinets and open shelving in the kitchen but unfortunately we are not the most organized when it comes to the cabinets - maybe someday! Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! You have excellent taste.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

My MacKenzie-Childs collection is behind our glass cabinets in our kitchen! Alison, your kitchen is stunning! I love it.


Anonymous said...


best post

and best Blogspot


Sarah said...

Oh, I have kitchen envy each time I see yours. Love the builtin hutch and all those fabulous cabinets. You have wonderful storage! We have very limited cabinets in our small galley kitchen, but we do have glass front doors. ~ Sarah

therelishedroost said...

What a beautiful kitchen and I know that light fixture, definitely one of my favorites!!! It looks like your glass front cabinets are done perfectly1 I couldn't have too many because I too have messy teens who don't care what goes on the shelf!Mine has vintage tea pots and a few copper pieces.
I love your sense of style... truly classic.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Every one of those kitchens is beautiful. Especially love the striped walls near top. I have a cabinet with glass doors and am thinking of painting the inside darker so the light dishes etc., show up more.

Terri ~the dressed up cottage said...

Of the pictures you featured here, I love those from YOUR KITCHEN the most. I've said it before and I say it again, your kitchen it perfect in every way. It's my hands down favorite kitchen, and I love any chance to see it from new angles. Thanks for sharing all the ideas from Pinterest, but I will continue to drool over yours!!!!