Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas tree stands


If you put up a Christmas tree this year,
will you stand your tree 
in something special?

Midwest Living

A basket?
A bucket?
A wooden box
or a crate?

Tell me
what is the most creative
container you
have ever seen
a tree placed in?





Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Wreaths

Will you be hanging a wreath
on your door this season?

What kind of wreath
will it be?

Maybe a pine one,
or a berry-covered one,
or  a leafy green one?


Whatever the case,
don't forget that December 1st
is another edition of
Favorites on the First
here at the Polohouse
and I hope you will come by
and share your wreath.
(or whatever you might be hanging
on your front door this season)

Excited to see
what you have come up with!

Come link up
on the 1st!
Don't forget.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Decking Your Halls


What's new 
in Christmas decor?

Not much!

Have been scouring the magazines,
blogs, stores, and design centers
for any inspiration I can feast my eyes upon
but there really is not really anything
out there.

Traditional Home

Elle Decor

But let me tell you...
these oldies

Source Unknown

Williamsburg Wreath

I love the smell of fresh evergreens in the winter!
Red berries are wonderful and any fresh fruits 
 added to the mix are even better.

Southern Living

Pine cones, twigs, 
and green leafy branches,
 all add great texture 
and interest 
to your holiday evergreen dressings.

The Magnolia Company

Add personality 
and your own style 
with material elements 
like ribbons, ornaments,
and strands of beads 
or glittery garlands.


Some prefer the more natural decor
while others like to glitz it up 
and really add pizzazz and magic 
to their displays.

Mary McDonald


As for me,
I like them all!
Little bit of natural in one area,
and then a lot of sparkles and lights
in another spot.

It's all up to you.
So tell me, how will you
be decking your halls this year?


 Country Living

Martha Stewart

Alessandra Branca
Country Living
Martha Stewart

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birch Decor

Birchwood logs 
are so pretty in the winter.
Their papery white bark 
is gorgeous in contrast to green pines.

It was fun finding
photos for this post
of birch used in
holiday decor.


Bachmann's Idea House in Minneapolis

Lots of great images.

Will you be using any in your
holiday groupings?