Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reminder: Fall Decor

Hello friends!

Monday is the 1st of October
so that means another
Favorites on the First
linky party.
This month we are sharing

So pull together
and link up
 your latest post
on how you will be decorating
this season, or you can always
share something you did in the past.
Whatever works for you,
just be sure to drop by
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(Invite your friends over too, ok?)

These chubbie little birds came from the lovely gals at Willows in Dubuque, Iowa!
LOVE their things. Have more to show you from them as well.

See you on Monday
at Favorites on the First!

Look who is still standing outside
my front door....

... he is pretty bossy and seems to enjoy directing traffic at the front door for now.
I think he will come in once the first frost chills his tootsies.  :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

In love with Intaglios

One of the first blog posts
I ever wrote was
about cameos and intaglios.

I just love them,
don't you?

Let me share 
the name of the
 jewelry company that has
a beautiful line of both.

Gorgeous items.

I have some
of their pieces
and love them.

But in case you would
rather not wear them,
there are intaglios
(pronounced "in-tal-io")
that you can collect.

Plaster intaglios were marketed in Italy 
during the 18th and 19th centuries as souvenirs 
for wealthy American and English tourists 
(usually young men) 
as keepsakes of their European Grand Tour holidays.  
The small plaster medallions were mounted into books 
and each medallion was numbered and documented 
with handwritten numbered notations telling which city 
or which attraction they had visited.

An intaglio Grand Tour collection intact in its original book.

Buying them in their original books 
can be pretty costly,
but if you are patient 
and are good at searching,
you can find loose coins sold separately.

I went to a house tour
a few years ago and the home
had an entire entry hall filled
with over a dozen framed
intaglio sets. Gorgeous.

Southern Living Magazine

Inspired Living

I got lucky and found some originals
at Scott's in Atlanta last month.
I have yet to frame them, 
but that is the plan!

Caldwell Flake Design

Finding inspiration in all these photos.

Celerie Kimball Designs

Here are the five that I bought.
I plan to frame them in two sets.

You can identify an antique intaglio
by the heavy paper collar that will have a tiny
 serrated edge where the paper was cut.
Another indicator would be if you find
 a hand-painted catalog number on the side. See photos.
New plaster copies do not usually have these details.

Do you have any antique intaglios
maybe you have a different
  collection of smalls
 framed in your home?

Some of my old repros in the guest bedroom!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Falling for Plaids

I am 
for plaid

images of plaid
to fill your head
and your dreams.

So what are you waiting for?
Get out there 
and get 
your plaiditude ON!

In the meantime....
I will get the cement Cavalier
either into the powder room
or all situated on the porch
and will take some pics SOON!

Coming up on 700
That means GIVEAWAY
soon for you.

I will be in touch~

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jockeying Around

Just got back from 
the Junk Bonanza
in Shakopee, Minnesota.
It was our fifth year attending
this great vintage show.

Have you ever been to a sale
where you passed something up
for whatever reason,
and you kicked yourself later
for not buying 
that "one" thing?

Well, last year 
I passed up these two 
cement horse jockeys 
that at one
time had held 
electric lanterns.

 I've looked ever since
to find something similar
but to no avail.
I only wanted one, 
which is why 
I did not buy the set last year.

Long story short,
one of these little guys
must have known I had been
thinking about him....

...because, as fate would have it
I walked into a shop 
on Thursday night, 
exactly one year later
and THERE HE WAS....
 standing in the doorway 
of our most favorite 
Minneapolis shop
called Hunt & Gather.

Needless to say,
 he made the trip home
with me this time.
He is standing 
at the front door right now, 
though I thought I would
put him in the 
powder room holding
a towel in his ring.

He is soooo heavy 
and is in chippy
shabby condition 
as you can see.

He's called "The Cavalier"
and the original statues date back
from 1776 to 1913. 
Read a complete
history of their design
evolution at a wonderful blog
posting by HorseCountryChic

So before
I show you him in his
new home here....

I need your input.
I want to hear what you think?

Should he stay at the front door
and be surrounded by mums and
seasonal fall foliage 
do you think he
would look better 
in my first floor
powder room 
serving up guest towels???

You decide! 
The voting starts NOW!!!

P.S. If you vote for the front door location,
what should I put in his wire loop? 
A little lantern or what?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Idea House Fall 2012

If you remember,
I shared photos
of the Bachmann's
Idea House last fall.
(Bachmann's of Minneapolis, Link)

Burlap wreath flowers along the side of the garage wall.

I was lucky enough to
attend the opening
of this year's 
Fall Idea House 
and took many pictures 
before my cell phone 
camera battery died 
.... again!

Gorgeous fall foliage filled window boxes.

So many clever ideas
at the Idea House.

Casual fall picnic table set up for a gathering on the front porch.

My two favorite rooms
were the powder room
and the dining room.

Pay special attention
to the balcony of the dog's
bedroom upstairs. OMG,
that's all I can say!

Dining room shots.

Close-up of the plain drum shade made into something cool
with twig balls and dried eucalyptus sprigs. 

Living room mantel arrangement.

Living room.

Coffee table made with an assembly line roller section.

A vintage aluminum and wood optometrist's desk is converted
to a make shift bar.

Small round kitchen table w/room for storage. A galvanized storage drum.

Fall arrangement inside the window frame.

Wire pails for storage in a tiny space.

Natural cork covered walls.

Sorry the lighting is poor. It was 6 pm and the sun was very bright!

Baby's nursery.

Diapers make up the three hanging sacks above the changing tables and they are labeled with
nothing other than silver safety pins.

Yarn and nail wall sculpture.

This is the dog's room. A little table set for two with all the perfect touches.

Dog bowl stool turned into wall sconces.

Blurry photo of lion's leg table flipped and upholstered to become a dog bed fit for his royal canine highness! Felt pad stickers were added to the top of each leg to continue the dog theme with the paw pads.

Puppy play area through the screen door. Complete with bone-shaped swimming pool
and bone-shaped and topiaries. Fresh wall-to-wall sod.

Puppy hop skotch and sand box for hiding bones. Too cute!

Silver dog bowls have round mirrors added to become wall art.

 Hope you have enjoyed 
the little tour of the Idea House.
They have this home decorated
for each season so if you are ever
in Minneapolis, be sure to check
their website for the showhouse
schedules. An inspirational visit 
every time you go!


Dogge biscuit and studded chandelier hangs above the little dining table.