Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your Favorite Rooms....

Don't forget,
this Saturday is
 Favorites on the First
and we are sharing
our favorite room.

But don't let the word 
restrict your entry.
It could be a hallway,
or a screened porch,
or your studio 
or garden room,

The sky's the limit!
Just be sure to share
the space you love
or love to spend time in
in your home.

Can't wait to see
what you come up with.

See you on Saturday!


(NOTE: All images from Pinterest)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cocktails, anyone?

We have a small wet bar 
that is in the paneled family room.
It used to be a small kitchen
and was twice its size
until they converted the barn
and clubhouse into a home.

(Half of the stall area became
the kitchen and the original little kitchen
became a wet bar area.)

So stop by 
someday soon 
and share a 
glass of wine with me
won't you?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Antiques --- Lakeside Cabin Style

Just got back from
our annual vacation in the
Northwoods of Wisconsin.

These shots were taken 
on one of the
 gorgeous sunny days
that we were blessed 
to be there.

 And though taking it easy
and relaxing,
riding on the boat,
or catching up my reading,
is what we are there for mostly...
there is always time
to hit a few shops 
in the area. 

Found a new spot 
and could
not wait 
to share it with you.


This is The Simple Life
and it is located 
in Land o' Lakes, WI
which is the last town in Wisconsin
before you hit the border 
of Michigan's UP.

Oh my goodness,
if you have a cabin 
or have ever wanted
 a cabin, you would
just go crazy in this shop!

I met George, one of the two owners,
and he could not have been
more friendly and informative 
in telling us
how he and his wife
share a passion to scour
the world to find unique
and one-of-a-kind cabin decor pieces.

Their buying trips take them
coast to coast and on
 annual buying trips to Bavaria and Austria.
They have pieces you will not see 
anywhere else.

Take a look.


Behind the main building
there is a barn and a sale tent too.
So many options!
So worth a visit, or two or three.

So if you are in the
market for cabin decor 
be sure to stop by
The Simple Life
in Land o' Lakes, Wisconsin.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

If I had a cabin.....

Do you ever wish
maybe you owned 
a cottage or cabin
on a quiet little lake?

Plain and simple. No fuss. No frills.

Screened porch sleeping.


Nothing too big ---
don't want to clean 
when I go there
  -- just want to relax
and get away from it all.

 It's got to be kid and big dog friendly.
Fabrics and surfaces that can stand up
to time and wet paws or bathing suits.

 Recycled furnishings that could
tell a story about their passed down
lakeside life.

A girl can dream, right?


But then reality wakes me up
and reminds me that we
have to put two teens
through college!

Ahhhhhh.... someday?

if I could ever
own a little lake house
... these images
mostly from Pinterest 
and a couple from
how I would love to
decorate it.

So tell me,
do you have recurring
dreams like this too?

Now doesn't that look like a dream?