Monday, June 25, 2012

Planting Color Seeds

flora colors

Am I the last
person to know 

It is a blog
written by Jessica
celebrating her love 
She is a genius.
I think you will agree.

is one of 
the most clever
and useful websites
 I have seen 
in a long while.

urchin tones

geode color

I found it on Pinterest
last weekend ... 
by accident.
Wanted to share it
in case you did not
know about it either.

petalled color

This website shows a
beautiful photo and then
pulls out the colors within
and gives you a palette
of these shades.

crisp color

So let's say you have just one
very particular shade of 
that you want to work into 
your room but you 
are not exactly sure 
what other colors you wish 
to incorporate with it.

Well, just sit back 
and let
inspire you.

Maybe you are painting
your house's exterior
and you are looking for
colors for your door, shutters,
clapboard, trim and window boxes?

Or maybe you are trying to
decorate your cottage beach house
and you want to make sure
all your blues or tan sandy tones
are mixing nicely?

This is the place to explore
all your options.

crashing blues

So many gorgeous images.

shelled color

So many interesting palettes.

My favorite photos 
are the ones
that are taken from nature.
God's own color palette!
Now that's really cool, right?

flora color

macro color

So now that you know about this
site, it might inspire you to put
together colors you may not have
contemplated before.

Check it out
and let me know
what you think, ok?

giraffe tones


And then go 
visit Jessica

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Whites in the Kitchen

If you know me,
you know I love 
white ironstone.
It is noooooo secret.

I am not alone 
in this addiction.

Take a look.

white ironstone

white hutch, white ironstone - calling my name
My friend Marcy's dining room over at

The set of Something's Gotta Give.

white ironstone


industrial island/white ironstone

My Heart's Song: White Ironstone...

And after pulling
all of these photos together,
I decided to gather
 some of the whites
in the cupboards
and reunite them
on the hutch this week.

deja vu ....

a Hoarders episode 
is coming to mind!

Somehow when all
these things are behind
closed doors it doesn't
seem like 
a big collection.

Yes, I can see now
I do have a problem~

(Note to self:  Stop buying white ironstone!)

Linking up with Marty


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Screened Porches

screened porch

screened in porch?

I want a 
screened in porch,  
I want one 

But wait .....
you have 
to say it in the
right voice.

Remember that bratty little girl
from the Willie Wonka movie?
"I want an Oompaloompa, Daddy,
and I want one NOW!"

screened in porch


That voice 
came into
my head right 
after I typed those
words out.

Screened Porch!

screened porch love

Screened porch

screened porch

Screened porch

Screened in porch

Awesome screened porch

screened porch
All images are from and

When I was little
we had a long 
screened in porch
and I remember the nights
when my mom would let us
 sleep out on the porch.
Warm breezes and crickets
chirping us to sleep.


Do you have/want one?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Gatherers

 Remember this antique 
Burlington Basket 
that I shared 
with you last summer?

Well it is always being useful,
helping me gather things 
to take to
dinner at a friend's house,
to a picnic,
 or even to take "smalls" 
to the shop.

Patented in 1902 and called a "Refrigerator Basket".

The inside is galvanized and the lift off top is hinged.

For hundreds of years
baskets have been gathering
all kinds of things.

French grape harvester  (link)

Antique Adirondacks basket ..... for more info Link

French artickoke baskets   (link)


Antique Woven Egg Basket
An antique egg gathering basket from Etsy.    Link

Antique Fly Fishing Creel/ Primitive Basket
This little beauty might have gathered up some fishies for dinner!   Link

French handmade market shopping basket, vintage wicker basket for Easter
Love the double braided rim on this one.     Link

This is new but truly gorgeous.  Link
This is an antique Cherokee basket.  I wonder what they gathered in this?     Link

after looking at 
all of these 
it makes me wish 
we could all just ditch
the plastic and paper bags
 we now use to 


and go back 
to the simple

What do you think?
Want to start a new trend with me?