Sunday, April 29, 2012

Antique Archaeology was Closed

I think I told you we went
on a buying trip to Iowa
this past weekend.

Well, you cannot hardly drive from
Illinois to Iowa without planning to 
stop by Mike and Frank's shop,
Antique Archaeology.
(You know.... from the History Channel's hit TV series.) 

Photo courtesy of the History Channel

We planned to get there earlier on Saturday
but we ran by the Junk Jubilee
one more time and then headed to 
 a little town called Story City, 
just north of Des Moines,
and spent a few hours at
 a great antique mall there
Stop by if you are ever in the area.
Great finds and a wonderful friendly staff!

So ... we did not get to Le Claire
until almost 7 pm.
We new they would be closed.
 But we couldn't resist checking it out
and taking some photos.

Did you know they are right on
the mighty Mississippi River?
Their front window view looks
right out onto the river.
(Is it just me or did you think they
were located out on a rural country road?)

Location, location, location!

Photo courtesy of

Nice little shop.
Wish we could have met
Frank, or Danielle or Mike.

Maybe next time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Unlikely Friends

The Tortoise and the Hare, by Arthur Rackham

Do you remember the story
of the tortoise and the hare?

Always one of my favorites.
Slow and steady 
wins the race every time.

Cute old vintage artwork.

Had not really thought about it
for a long time.

But then over the weekend
my daughter and I were out shopping
and we walked into one of our
 favorite pet shops in the city
 where we used to take the kids  
 when they were very small.

Completely did not expect to see
this most uncommon sight.

A most unlikely pair
sharing a nesting area in an
old open closet within the shop.

The tortoise's name is Betty, and the lop-eared rabbit's name is Holly.

Close up of Holly... she weighs 18 pounds! Can you believe it?

This tortoise is a breed from Ethiopia, an African Spurred Tortoise.
(See Holly in the background... napping.)

Can you believe they share their
food and their living space?


Holly has such a sweet disposition.

Betty likes to go to the beach at Lake Michigan to bask in the sun,
they told us.... in the warm summer months.

Both of these animals
lived with their owners until
Betty got too big and the family 
that had her felt they 
could not keep her any longer.

Holly's family moved  
and could not take her with them.

They are both orphans 
of the pet shop now,
but they have become so much more.

They have become the best of friends.

They do not seem to be in any
hurry to get anywhere. No races here!
Just happy enjoying each other's
company and all the attention
the pet shop employees and visitors provide.

Thought I would share
this unique friendship
with you.

The end!

(Heading off tomorrow morning 
to attend the Junk Jubilee
in Des Moines tomorrow. 
Are any of you 
planning to attend as well?
Maybe I will see you there!)


Friday, April 20, 2012

Get your front doors ready!



Are you ready to greet the season?

Spring has sprung.

Have you put some 
spring in your step --- 
or rather 
on your step?
(Your front door step?)




Well, don't forget
 on May 1st at the
Favorites on the First
linky party, the theme this
month will be sharing your
favorite front door decor.


Show us what you've got!




Please remember to stop by 
on the 1st
and link up your favorite 
new or old posts
on front door decor. 
Cannot wait to see what
you have to share with all of us.

Feel free to invite your friends 
to join the party.
The more the merrier 
and everyone is welcome.

See you then!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012





There are just
some spots in your home,
where you just cannot find
the perfect piece of furniture to fit.

And when that happens....
it's nice when you can bring in
your trusty carpenter to build 
something perfect for you.

Take a peek at some of these
fantastic built-ins that 
make the room.



living rooms - Urban Electric Co. Lillibette v1 Pendant tufted velvet walls blue beige pillows built-ins velvet storage bench  toby fairley

Some of these make me
want to grab a book or a magazine
and just get comfy 
and settle in for hours in them.

Do they effect you that way too?



L Shape built in Banquette seating


Do you have a built-in 
bench seat or window seat
in your home?

Flea Market Fabulous



If so, do you take time to enjoy it?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wish List


Keep running across
equine-themed items while
planning for this Derby party
I am staging.

(Can you imagine this bronze
vase filled with red roses? Too bad
 it sold while I was dreaming about it.)

Some things are new
and some are old.
Some just caught my eye
and have absolutely nothing
to do with entertaining at all.

The Saratoga Trims from Highland Court

Decoupage Glass Tray from Horse and Hound

Like Rebecca Ray's summer bags. 
They are just gorgeous! 
Love her style.

rebecca ray large trapper bag
The Summer Trapper by Rebecca Ray Designs

Linda with blue trim
The "Linda" handbag by Rebecca Ray Designs  

An equestrian pillow from TheEnchantedHome

Lots of pretty things
to be found.
What did we ever do
without the internet?

Horsehead Ice Bucket from Vagabond House

To see THE most gorgeous horse trophy ever --- click here!

Theodore Napkin Ring - Ralph Lauren Home Dinnerware  -
RL Leather Napkin Rings

Sweet little plaid flask from Saxon Gifts

(I predictable. 
Had to throw some plaid in there.)

Detail of Conolly on Coronation
Original antique print c.1841  from George Glazer Gallery

Horse Cane (link) 

Thanks for stopping by today.
Always so nice to see you here!