Friday, October 26, 2012

Natures Flames

On Monday,
my daughter and I were
driving home from school
and we passed the same church
that we pass every single day.

But on Monday,
 the back side of the church
appeared to be 
on fire!

Engulfed in flames.

The glorious color.... 
oh my heavens.

See the flames?

I just had to pull over
to take some shots to share
with my blogging friends.
(Pan now to daughter's face as she rolls her eyes.)


Beautiful, right?

The winds were whipping through here
 this evening 
and a cold front has blown in. 
It went from the mid-70's
today to the mid-30's 
this evening .... it is chill-eeee.

I'm just afraid to wake up tomorrow 
to see the leaves on the ground 
and off the trees.

You know what THAT means....
winter is not far behind. Shhh.
Maybe if we don't say it out loud 
it won't happen?

A view of Lake Michigan last week from our city park. Great colors.


AntiqueChase said...

stunning. we don't get those red leaves here in Cali~

MarmePurl said...

Oh My...just stunning!

Rebecca said...

I understand why you'd HAVE to get some photos of Nature's Flames!

We, too, had a beautiful day yesterday -- and I'm sure your chill is going to hit us this morning!

Ron said...

Gorgeous!!! The beauty of nature always amazes me. Stay warm, Alison.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wow, that is so pretty. Wish I was there I would take some pictures, too. Getting cold here next week too after being 80 the last two days.

The enchanted home said...

That is just AMAZING! Thanks for capturing it on film and sharing, what a beautiful sight!

Terri ~the dressed up cottage said...

Simply gorgeous. There's a large office complex close to me that has that same ivy that turns brilliant red in the Fall. I love it.

ImSoVintage said...

Amazing. I am so glad you stopped and shared with us. The cold weather is coming here later today. 80's yesterday and 40's tomorrow. Brrrrr!!!


PURA VIDA said...

Really incredible. We have a home here that looks just like that and I drive by each day to check out the color. So, I know what you mean!

So very pretty..thanks for sharing!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH that's gorgeous, Alison! And that cold weather whipped through here yesterday...even snowed a little!

Designs By Pinky said...

This is incredible! Do you know WHAT the vine is??? Thank you so much for sharing this. XO, Pinky I totally get the rolling of the eyes. In my case it is my husband when I photograph him cooking for my blog:):)

Rose L said...

It is funny as some of the trees I see I think look like aflame.
Fall is flaming...

michele said...

incredible beauty!

and so fleeting, yes?

would love to get together in november so pick a place and throw me some dates, mama.


Tina said...

Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing.

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow that is really pretty and it really does look like flames licking up the wall. That's quite a temperature drop! It was in the mid 60's here today and yesterday - just beautiful. :)

Rooms by Ann said...

That is beautiful. Nature at her best. Thanks for sharing.

Garden, Home and Party said...

We had a Boston ivy growing on the front of our home years ago that would turn that flame color during the fall. We removed it when we put up stone, but I'm thinking I need to find a new spot for one, it would be one great sign of fall for this So Cal resident.

White Weathered Hutch, said...

Alison that's so stunning!! Yes I'm afraid after the leaves go snow comes.
Not too soon I hope.

Karen Albert said...

Alison that is such a gorgeous image of the church and the "flames"!!
Your daughter will remember this in times to come!

Art by Karena
2012 Artists Series

Leslie said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning photographs.

The chill is definitely in the air here in the pacific northwest. Lots of dark, grey, cold days ahead.. It's also soup and boot time :) change is good!

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