Sunday, April 15, 2012

Darling Derby Hats

If you are planning to attend
Kentucky Derby 
this year ....
(or even if you are not)
would you wear
a spectacular hat?

Courtesy of

And if you did,
what would you 
select to represent 
your style?

 Courtesy of Churchill Downs
Courtesy of Churchill Downs

Here are a few that I found 
that are for sale 


Babs said...

Wow! Those hats are gorgeous, but the one I'm wearing is considerably smaller since I'm so short. We're invited to a small informal party,but we're wearing hats. :)Glad to see you posting.I saw on the weather channel that there were storms near you. Prayers going up for all in the storm area.

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Hey Alison! I've always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby, but I'm not really a hat wearer some of these, though. You'll laugh but tonight we were at a social thing at the Dunhan Woods Riding Club near us and I couldn't believe that some of the women were actually wearing hats fit for the derby! Guess I have a lot to learn!


Sarah said...

What fun! I love to wear hats, Alison. I vote for the one courtesy of Churchill Downs. What a fabulous shape and color. Which would you choose? ~ Sarah

michele said...

totally inspired me, alison.

i'm on the hunt for a new hat now!

i wanna see pics of you in one on the blog like soon!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I would wear Burning Blush, in fact I have one that is quite similar. I love hats, but I look terrible in them. Such a fun post. Now which one would you wear? Hugs, Marty

The enchanted home said...

I would so wear a gorgeous hat if I were going. They are all spectacular, love that last one, soo pretty and the color is fabulous! said...

I am fortunate enough to be invited to a Derby party every year where the race is broadcast and a wonderful Kentucky buffet is served and mint juleps are sipped. This year, thanks to Kate Middelton, I will be wearing a fascinator!

Diane said...

Those are some fine looking hats. I just love hats and love wearing them. I think I will go with the lime green just for fun! And I also happen to love horses as well, so I am all set for the Derby! Diane

Bliss said...

I have never looked good in a hat, and that is why if I was going, YES I would wear one. The funnier the better at my age.


Elizabeth and Gary said...

What fun hats...lets see what hat would I choose to wear..It would be either Chamberry Cherry or So in Love. I had fun dreaming of all the pretty hats I would wear if I were going to the Kentucky Derby. Maybe one day I will be at the Derby sporting a lovely hat.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I won't be going this year to the Kentucky Derby but I love big hats.
Those are some gorgeous hat photos.
Love lots of frills and flowers on one.

Olive Cooper said...

I love hats and these really go all out. Making them is an art.

Richard Cottrell said...

The one with the big pink rose and black is truly the bomb!Richard from My Old Historic House.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Those are all so gorgeous. My sil and my two nieces are going there this year and have their hats and dressed ordered. It is all very hush-hush as to what they are wearing...and we won't know until we see pictures. Aren't they ALL just gorgeous, though? xo Diana

The French Hutch said...

I would wear a big beautiful hat if I were going to this event. To bad we don't wear hats in our country. I love hats but haven't worn one since my mom put me in them as a child, except for the beach hat of course.
These are all beautiful Alison.

The French Hutch

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Those hats are the purple one!

I feel like I am back watching the Royal Wedding...

What a great tradition...I think I am more of a "Fastenator" type girl!


Hi Alison, how are ya! Oh I would sure love to go the Dervy..I loved horse race when I was single, I saw Superfecta in the 70's a couple of times in NY, it was great! I loved hats when I was younger too and I do still. I would wear a hat at the KD, for sure! Thanks for your lovely visit, I love it when you come. Have a blessed week my friend. Hugs,

Heidi said...

Loving this post ~ my son is going to attend UK next year so my hubby and I are planning to attend the Derby. We have friends that have a Derby party every year so I am always redoing my hat to look different. Going to the real Derby I will have to buy a new hat! So many choices!!

Designs By Pinky said...

I love hats, and that FIRST one is my choice, hands down! I have been told I look good in purple or lavender and the style of that one I love!!!! Wish I could go to the race! XO, Pinky

M.A.the2nd said...

I LOVE them all and I would wear everyone of them! So beautiful and so much fun. I love race days and the colour and excitement are second to none! Have a lovely week
best wishes