Saturday, July 9, 2011

English Hutch Swirl

Here is the hutch in the kitchen
as it looked this afternoon.
I decided to "swirl" things around
and change it out a little for summer.
A little lighter and brighter.

The white hydrangeas
are in full swing in the yard
 so they ended up playing a part
in the white-ness of it all.

Here is how it looks now.
More whites to replace the brown
transferware and other pieces.

(They can come back in the fall.)

Poor girl.... needs a nose job, doesn't she?

Found this antique English hutch
at an estate sale last year.
Before selling the piece, the estate company
had a clock dealer come in and examine the clock.
It is a French clock from the early 1800's
and they told me the family had the oak hutch
built to house the clock over a hundred years ago.

The great-grandparents had the piece
shipped to the states when they moved here
at the turn of the century.

One of a pair of old oil paintings I found for a song on Ebay!

Confession time!
This is a procrastination post.
I should be out in my yard
pulling weeds.

OMG...they are

Instead I am hiding inside
from the weeds and the heat!
Shame on me.

What about you ....
hiding from any household
chores today?


Babs said...

Alison, I was ooohing and ahhing over the first picture until I saw your new summer look. LOVE IT!...and I love your Staffordshire figures!
I rarely see any Staffordshire here and when I do the price is astronomical.
The hutch is a beautiful piece and how nice to know the history behind it.
I know what you mean about not wanting to pull weeds. We've been having a good bit of rain lately, for which I'm thankful, but the weeds and bermuda grass are taking over and it's like a sauna outside.
It's much more fun to stay inside and "swirl". :)
Have a great Sunday,

Cozy Home Scenes said...

For the longest time, I wasn't a big fan of all white decor. It just seemed very cold. I had to have color. However, these days I love the simplicity and calmness of a white palette. I love what you did to your hutch. One of my weaknesses is white pitchers, so that's my favorite thing you added!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

An amazing piece of furniture Alison. Love it and love the clock story!

Beautiful summertime arrangement.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Yes and no, Alison! I should be weeding the back yard, but I am babysitting my baby granddaughter so I think that's a good excuse! : ) It just means that now I'll have to do as much as I can after work this week. Maybe it will be cooler in the evenings. Love your whites. I've been using more of that in my home this year. I love your drapes; what a great color and pattern.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Hi Alison, that sure is a beautiful and unique hutch and I just LOVE all the white you added to it, soooooo pretty! That picture of your chair near the window with the sun streaming in is beautiful, looks like it came right out of a magazine! We are headed into the city today to see my cousins new apt. The view from her living room window is the NYC skyline. I hope to get some good pictures so I can do a post on it! Martina

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only one that hides when the heat comes and peeks out the window at those darn weeds!

The hutch is gorgeous! The clock in the center is so unusual. Love the white vase with your hydrangea in it.

Linda said...

OH your hutch is lovely, Alison...I love the new summer look, too! I am very behind on gardening this year, too...too hot and too many mosquitoes!

Andrea said...

the hutch is beautiful, and I adore the clock and story behind it. We moved into a house last week that has NO gardens, so I'm exempt from pulling weeds....until next year when we plan to put in extensive gardens =) Have fun with those pesky weedy critters!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Alison, what a gorgeous hutch, and the ironstone really pops. You have some wonderful pieces. Love your draperies too! Weeds, schmeeds...have a wonderful Sunday!
xoxo Debra

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your hutch is absolutely stunning and both arrangements are gorgeous. The white is especially nice for the summer. It just looks so cool and fresh. I have been adding white all over the place too. I so agree with you that playing inside is so much more fun than pulling weeds out in the heat. Your home is lovely and I always enjoy seeing pictures of all of your room and accessories. Have a super Sunday. Hugs, Marty

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

always hiding. you nailed it. love how you have re-styled the hutch. the contrast is striking. the weeding and maintenance is killing me so thanks for keepin it real and helping me feel joined.


Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I'm hiding from them all! :) I'd rather be painting some furniture in the garage! Love the white transformation, and that hutch is such a fantastic piece!


afternoon tea said...

I'm hiding from the heat also, and the bugs. argghhhh The deer flies are vicious. The weeds can just go ahead and grow! I'll deal with them later. :)

But, I'm doing laundry and polishing silver. We usually use Hagerty's foaming silver polish but we can't buy it around here anymore. So we're trying Birk's foaming silver polish. Wow! It's wonderful.

Shelia said...

Hi Alison! Well, I'm with you - stay cool! I love your most gorgeous hutch. I thought the before was awesome and then look at your summer look - beautiful! Honey, you're so good and have so many gorgeous piecs to play with.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Richard Cottrell said...

Love it, love it, love it all. You and me and Staffordshire. I have seen these hutches before, with the clock, and thought they were interesting. Neat!Richard at My Old Historic House.

Anonymous said...

I'm not hiding from them - I convinced my HUSBAND to do them! :o) I know, I gotta good one.

That is a gorgeous hutch!! You really found something great! I love the white pitchers you've decorated with! Amazing style, as always!!! :o)

lvroftiques said...

ALWAYS!!! (In hiding from chores that is *winks*)
Your hutch looks beautiful Alison! And what a wonderful history it posesses too! It also helps that you have so many beautiful things to work with *winks* Vanna

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Love your hutch! we finally tackled some yard work this looks better, but it still needs work!

Upscale Downhome said...

I hate pulling weeds, too, and don't blame your for procrastinating a bit especially with such a fun hutch to play with. I adore the old brass pulls. The patina! Love the new look for summer and especially the little oil painting. Want it!

Laurie Blaswich said...

Alison you are adorable,
Thanks for stopping by and your sincere comment. What a wonderful hutch and a family heirloom, neatoh!


Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Your place is gorgeous, and I finally got to follow! Yay!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I love the hutch with the antique clock built into it! It looks great with the lighter look, but I couldn't help but notice a green and purple transferware plate! Can you tell me about it? Such a great and unusual color combination.

Designs By Pinky said...

Today was hot but we were bUSY!!! Went out to breakfast then to the grocery for the fixings for a special dinner. Oh it was SO good. Come on over to see!!!! I LOVE the whiteness!!!! It looks so cool and comfortable for summer!!!! XO, Pinky

Nancy said...

I agree with Babs...loving both ways you displayed various objects on your beautiful hutch. I too love those Staffordshire figurines and spill vases.
And yes, I've ditched the weed pulling. It's just too hot here in Oklahoma. It was 108 or 109 today!


designchic said...

I love the whites you brought in for fresh and crisp!! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. I'm so excited that mine are finally in full bloom, and they make the yard!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I wish I could hide from chores, but I am doing laundry and periodically reading blogs. :D

We are having house guests this week, so I can't afford to procrastinate *sadface*

Your hutch is fantastic! Thanks for sharing its history with us. I love posts like this one!


Becca said...

Your "summer" hutch is gorgeous, Alison! You know I love the pops of white ... and, the way you layered pieces is fabulous. What a great history this piece has ... truly tells a story, doesn't it? The hydrangeas are beautiful, and your lady's nose has character, I think. :) The weeds will be there tomorrow ... stay inside and cool today! xo

Olive Cooper said...

The hutch is gorgeous and all the white looks crisp and pretty against it. I have about one thousand little mimosa weeds to pull in the flower garden but it is way too humid. I did dig up three small crepe myrtles to give away earlier today. I have only a small window of coolness very early in the day to work outside. Have a wonderful week Allison!

CalypsoInTheCountry said...

That is a beautiful hutch and you did a great job restyling your pieces. The white looks so fresh and summer-y. I have been inside the past few days too - tomorrow it is supposed to hover around 100 degrees! I will be inside cleaning my

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

allison, i love the hutch with the built-in clock! wow! just stunning! it is the perfect piece to hold your treasured collections. of course, i love all of the white things, too!

well, i have a long list of things to do today. my roses need dead-heading and my laundry needs to be done. however, i have to run some things into the shop. wave and i went junking on sunday and i brought home a trunk of fun stuff. she got a wonderful old fire hydrant for her patio. so cute and very small, too.


At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Alison, I collect white pieces, and they always seem to cheer things up. I am recovering from too much work...outside, inside, so today I'm saying hi to my friends I've missed in the last few weeks. Your home is lovely as always. Hope your garden fared better than mine in yesterday's storms. Love, Penny

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Hey Alison...I've been in my house for 2 days! I tried to go out yesterday but just standing there made me sweat. Seriously. This morning I'm on my porch and it's not too bad. Love this hutch and the white is stunning. I don't have any Annabelles but hope to plant some in the fall. Have you ever tried Preen on your landscaping? I use it every year before I mulch and don't have any weeds. weeds. I've been using it for years. It has never harmed any of my plants but I don't think it's considered "green." Have a great day...I talked to my son last night and he said Chicago was broiling!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Alison,
Oh my your antique clock hutch is amazing...its just absolutely beautiful! and the story you told of the clock is so just makes you wonder why anyone would want to sell such a family heirloom..It has gone to a good home now for sure!
Your whites looks wonderful in your hutch, very pretty.
I also stayed in last weekend and sewed...we are having very hot days here in Modesto CA.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

A Hint of Home said...

I wish I had been hiding from the heat and weeds but instead I was out at 7:30 pulling them. It's so hot you have to do it early to survive. lol (108 heat index here today)
Your hutch is beautiful and what a treasure to have that clock.
I have curtains made from the same material as your curtains. You have great taste!
Have a good week!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Alison, oh my gosh your cupboard is over the top gorgeous. You have some wonderful pieces of furniture. I adore your winter look, your summer look is just as pretty. The figurines are just down right awesome.
We've had so much heat here a lot of things are getting away from me again. Going to have to buck up and tackle some this w/k before the next heat wave moves in.
hugs ~lynne~

Janette@the2seasons said...

That hutch is amazing!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Alison, I missed this post being out of town. I love this piece. I didn't even know it had a clock in it. Love the whites you added and I see you have Staffordshire pieces too.

Anonymous said...

I love your drapes!!! What a warm inviting room.


Liz said...

Hi Alison,
Oh my goodness, I LOVE your English Hutch, it's magnificent! You have accessorized it beautifully and I love all beautiful pieces. I LOVE the floral arrangement on the wall, what a darling idea! Thanks for sharing, I'm inspired! XO ~Liz