Friday, July 15, 2011

Domestic Architecture

Have you ever looked around your home
and noticed all the carved architectural detailing
that you may have accumulated over the years?

I bought this grey scroll bracket last year
and as I was looking at it the other day,
I realized how many acanthus leaves
and neo-classic carved pieces
there are in this house.

Thought I would share them.

Take a look around your house....
how many carved architectural details
in your furnishings
do you have?

Probably more than you can count, right?

Big finish.... Maxx the ham. Can't stand to miss a photo op.  :)


Karena said...

Alison, I adore all of your beautiful collection. The details really make all the difference.


Art by Karena

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Liz said...

Hi Alison,
I can tell from your photos that I would love to come to your house, you have some magnificent pieces. The architectural detailing is very pretty and ornate. Thanks for sharing. I know this post is going to make me take a look around my house, although I don't have furniture nearly as pretty as yours. My kids would tear it up if I did! ...In time! =)

Have a great weekend! XO ~LIZ

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison:

I have just discovered your blog this evening and I love it! As for your office, it is wonderful and so full of character and YOU! After all, our surroundings are our life's stories.
Can't wait to read more of your posts!
Mary Anne

Mary Anne said...

Hello again!

I don't know why my comment went to anonymous. . . . it is just me again with a name!


Rebecca said...

I'll have to go on a "photo hunt" this morning (after our grandchildren & their parents are gone). I'm sure I don't have the # that you do, but I can see several examples from my chair right now!

Yours are wonderful--another reason I've ♥'d your house since I first "saw" it.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Beautiful details...and Maxx is a handsome fellow! My staff insists on being in every post! lol Thanks for entering my giveaway! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

I love to see the beautiful carved details in firniture that you just dont get in modern pieces, they just dont have the amazing character of the beautiful pices you have

CalypsoInTheCountry said...

You have some beautiful pieces with some gorgeous details. And I must say, that Maxx is just darling! I miss having kitties!
Have a great weekend!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

You know I will have to look around and see. Love that bird fabric on the chair. Max the photo ham is cute. I used to have a cat named Max that was gray and long haired. I also had a cat that looks like your Max and his name was Moe.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Alison, your antiques are gorgeous. I enjoyed seeing the architectural details in your home. This post would be a fun idea for a linky party!

Ricki Jill

Honey at 2805 said...

You do have some fabulous details in your home! You will have us all roaming around , camera's in hand, looking for detail to photograph.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful post Alison. I enjoyed seeing the architectural details around your home. I'll have to have a look around the house and see what I can see.

Deserae said...

Such wonderful all your gorgeous antiques!!!! You have such a stunning home...I always enjoy your posts! Have a great weekend :o)

PS. Love your furry little assistant too!

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

this was a very original idea for a post, and i love it because it makes us slow down and NOTICE the beauty right under our noses. mmmmmmm. the acanthus leaves i just love.

your comment IS there at's on page 2. thanks for all your kind words. you're so good to me. and i'm really sincere when i say i have learned a good lesson and now can decide whether to be a little more protective or develop a thicker skin. i also learned i don't take design or myself as seriously as a lot of folks out there!

always love stopping here and soaking up the lovely, gorgeous mama.


Kim said...

I'm a sucker for any piece of furniture with lots of detail. You have so much eye candy Alison. I'm drooling on my keyboard!

A Toile Tale said...

Alison -
This is like "Where's Waldo"!!! These very lovely carvings live with you, but we can only guess where!!! All we need to know is that you have given them a good home and they grace your beautiful house. Rebecca from Rebecca Ray Designs says "hi". I was with her at the Atlanta Gift Market. You should see her new items! To die for!
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Olive Cooper said...

These details and curves make a tremendous difference. Happy weekend! ♥O

Designs By Pinky said...

Hmmm, this is getting me thinking. I will ahve to go around and see what I come up with! Love all YOUR details! Have a great weekend. XO, Pinky

Carole said...

I Love your curves. Ok that doesn't sound right!
That is the reason I've never been that fond of craftmen style. Just to simple for me....though I love the colors and wallpapers from the era.


Becca said...

You have beautifully detailed pieces, Alison ... you can tell that they also come with a fabulous histories. And, you're right, I lost count! Maxx is too cute. xo

for the love of a house said...

love the close-ups with all the great details!!
beautiful post!


Babs said...

I don't have as many architectural details as I'd like, but yours are gorgeous. I'm especially drawn to your chair arms. Go figure.
I love acanthus leaves too and have several garden pots with them but very few in my house. Most of my furniture isn't old enough to have great details, but now I think I'll look for some decorative pieces to display. Thanks for sharing your great collection.

Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

Gorgeous things Allison. I love your new item.. it does look like an egg. I wonder if it part of a vintage Easter deocration. Maybe a little bird or bunny used to peep out of it! It is lovely w/ the flowers