Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What to do....

A few posts ago
I shared an
old vintage top hat mold
that I had found
at a flea market recently.

Still trying to figure out what to do with it!

A display for my little nest?

My salt and pepper puppies are telling secrets. 

The baby tears plant could sit inside the mold.

It could be a pedestal for my teacup potted African violet?

This is what I intended
to use it for ......  a candle holder,
but I probably need
to get a glass hurricane
for it too.


These little bronze birds could roost here!

What do you think?
What would you put in there?


Pamela Gordon said...

This is such a unique item and I see where you can use it for many different displays but I really like the idea of the pillar candle in it. It would be gorgeous at Christmas time. Have fun!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I like them all, but the nest and the puppies are my favorites. This would be perfect for my CLub G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva Party going on right now! Hope to see you there!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love them all. I would change it up and use it all over the house. All of your ideas are fabulous. Such a great piece. Hugs, marty

mississippi artist said...

Oh, I think the birds look perfect in it!. But could you sit a top hat on it?

Karen said...

Great use!.. Until your post, I didn't know what an antique hat mold looked like.

Sarah said...

Alison, you can't go wrong no matter what you decide to use with it, but I like the first vignette and the last one with the pillar. Definitely use a hurricane if you plan to use the candle. Wonderful find! ~ sarah

Emily said...

I've never seen an old hat mold, and I've covered a lot of flea markets. It must be a rare item to find. All of your ideas are great, but I love the look with the bronze birds.
I've finally solved some of my blogger problems, not all but I do have posts out again so come for a visit.
Hope your July fourth holiday is great.......

The French Hutch

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I didn't even know what it was! I actually like the birds with it...but truly, you can do lots of different looks.

LL from KS said...

I love all your ideas! I can't pick a favorite, but I love the nest and the urn with the little horse rider guy!

Upscale Downhome said...

My favorites are the jockey/trophy, white pillar candle, and the bronze birds. I think maybe it will be a seasonal display that you can change as your heart desires and new treasures are found!

Babs said...

Alison, What an unusual piece! I really love all the vignettes. I kept looking at them again and trying to decide but I like them all. Guess that's the beauty of it, that you can put what ever you like and it'll good fab. Love your puppies salt and peppers, too.

Designs By Pinky said...

I loved the bronze birds but I would use it differently for the seasons and/or rooms where you display it. It has SO many uses! I never saw one of these before! XO, Pinky

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Alison I'm going to be no help because I loved all the displays!! Martina

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Oh my gosh I love them all! If I had to pick though it would be the baby tears or the candle. Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend...enjoy your lovely home and family.

High Street Cottage said...

Allison, I think you need a top hat to display on it, this way people will know what it is, and it goes so well in a polo house. xxx

waveney said...

alison loved all your ideas. I would try a large tapered glass, contempotary vase, that the base fits on the bottom pedestal and flares up a foot or more above the opening. I would fill it with Tall berry branches, sparce greens and place a small birds nest with eggs in it. Use your two bronze birds around the bottom for a dramatic table statement. ..... Tall wheat would be another simpler design. definetely I would complement the intriguing whimsey with nature.

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

the center part looks like a stage to me. maybe a saint could take a place of honor there. and if you realllly wanna know what i'd do...i'd prob hang or display a vintage rosary on it.



Anonymous said...

I like the way it looks with the candle. Also thank you for visting and commenting on my blog. :D God Bless, Gweny.


Well Allison...I like all of those ideas...but especially the ones with some greenery. It looks so pretty next to the wood. What a great find!