Friday, March 4, 2011

The Warming Room

When we bought the house eight years ago, 
the realtors called this room the den
or family room, but two months after we moved in, 
the family of the couple who were the caretakers 
of the horses and the farm came by and told 
us many stories about the home. This was the room 
they called the "warming room".

This is how the room looks today.

And this is how the room looked in the 1940's. Fortunately, not much has changed!

The owners and their guests would spend time 
in this room playing cards and socializing 
between practice matches, much like a clubhouse. 
 (There is a club nearby where polo matches were played, so these fields were for practice.)

We've always wanted to have a log cabin in the woods, 
and when you are in this room, it feels very much 
like that, warm and cozy, even better when the fire is burning.

These hand-tinted prints are renderings of members of an English hunt club in the early 1900's..... Ebay!

 There was a small kitchen off this room originally 
but it was made into a wet bar during the conversion 
in order to open the access to the staircase.

Looking into what is now the wet bar area.

We replaced the 1970's (and not original) cabinets. Found the marble counter top at a salvage company in Chicago.  Here's the best part, the hammered sink and the faucet were STILL attached to the green marble slab!

Only in an old house, is there an outlet this close to the sink.

Dapper little fellow with monocle was found on Etsy.

Hutch found at an auction in Miami, OK where my husband is from.

The glass door hutch (shown in photo above) shares the same wall that this bark cloth covered polo print sofa once sat.       Needs a nice piece of  artwork above the sofa, don''t you think!?

Old frame found and mirror added. Sewing box souvenir from Bath, England. Grammy's old candlesticks.

This framed horse print has the suede matting applied to the outside of the glass, 
inspired by a trip to the RL store in New York City.

Paneled with cedar, this room has a large
bay window that used to look out over
 open prairie fields of 20 acres. The property was 
subdivided in the 1970's. 
We have nine wonderful neighbors now!

The room has remained almost unchanged since the 40's, 
with the exception of the linoleum flooring 
and the brass lighting being updated.

View of bay window and window seat .... linoleum still in tact!

Max watching Hallie chase the camera flashes.

Thanks for stopping by today.
It's always nice when you visit.


Cindy said...

Absolutely beautiful..."warm" is right! Thanks for sharing your lovely home. Blessings, Cindy

Spreading the Love! said...

I just love everything! Your use of different fabrics and prints is fabulous too, something I'm not always successful with and hesitate to do. The mantle is beautiful - love the use of hydrangea and grasses in the trophy cups -

Spreading the Love! said...

Um, that's Karen of this old house, I keep forgetting to log out of Roba Dolce. Sorry!!!

Divine Theatre said...

It reminds me of the McCormick mansion at Cantigny! Have you been there?
Your home is so lovely!

laxsupermom said...

Beautiful, warm room! I love seeing these glimpses into your home. Love that doorstop at the end!How lucky that the salvaged piece of marble had that lovely hammered sink and faucet still attached. Just Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Alison, it is so funny looking at your warming room and the way you have used old books and Staffordshire and hunt scenes or horses just like I have in my sitting room and I just put mine together without knowing if it was right or not and now I know it is since you are a pro. I love this room. It is so neat seeing the old before pictures.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

your home is so beautiful, I think it is wonderful you have vintage pictures of it!

Kelly said...

I think the cedar wall planks just make all the difference in these "hunt" rooms! All the rich wood and neutral colors and the warmth of the fireplace look so good. Not just anyone can have one of these rooms but yours is authentic! I guess we would call a room like this a keeping room. Love all the "Ralph Lauren" style plaid touches too.

Linda said...

Really lovely! It was fun to see the old house photos, too!

Becca said...

It is so wonderful that you have pictures of your home of long ago. Such an incredible history it has ... and, the way that you've decorated it ... truly, you and your family were meant to be in this beautiful space! I love your warming room. Your colorful books are perfect for your bookcase ... is that wallpaper that you lined it with? Love your mantel, too and your trophies-turned-vases! Thanks for sharing, Becca

waveney said...

love to melt into the woodwork, thaw out and toast my toes by the crackl'n fire. I especially love the art work andwouldn't you just die for the old polo bark cloth!ambiance for fantasy at it's BEST. The blue ribbon goes to You.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Thanks so much for the nice compliments. Let me know if you have a room or a home that should be featured here!
I am running out of rooms to post. Time to go to PLAN B!

Janette @ The2Seasons said...

I have enjoyed your blog since I live in Lexington, Ky. The equestrian decor would work so well here.My daughter and I have a new blog, too, and would love to invite you to stop for a peek.

Kathy said...

Love the hounds tooth fabric, the wood paneling. Its so much fun seeing the old photos along with current ones. Beautiful home, wonderfully fun blog to look at.

Okie Chic said...

Soo pretty as usual and I love the hutch from Miami I went to Junior College there. You asked about the basket on my front porch I bought it at a boutique in Yukon Ok but I found one almost like it on this website I'm not sure if is the same size 14 x 16 not including the handle. Hope that helps.

LDH said...

Hello Alison!

I just had a delightful time perusing many of your posts ~ lovely place you have here! So nice stopping by to meet you!

Kindly, Lorraine

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I love your style! Just found your beautiful blog via Brambly. I was about to feature her blog next week and saw she was featured on yours. I'm all over the place on your blog drinking in the photos. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted for you to follow me back!

lvroftiques said...

What a lovely room! The perfect place to curl up with a good book on a cold day! Vanna

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

What a beautiful home you have!! I love it!! New follower here!! Nice to meet you! :)