Best Ever Appetizer!

For over ten years now.... this has been 
a polohouse standard, our most 
favorite (ever) appetizer recipe. 
Not a grocery list leaves this house 
without these three simple ingredients included.

Always a crowd-pleaser. 
Good to have on reserve for 
the unexpected, but always welcome
friend who decided to pop in for a little visit!


1   small 7 oz. tub of  ready-made pesto 
(Contadina or Buitoni 
are fine --- or fresh, preferred)

1   4 oz. log of plain goat cheese

1   large red pepper, cleaned and chopped fine


1.)  Clean and chop the red bell pepper.

(My daughter who could eat this everyday modeled for me!)

2.)   In a round glass or ceramic baking dish, 
add the entire tub of ready-made pesto, 
centered in a mound.

3.)   Next, slice the log of goat cheese 
and arrange it on top of the pesto.
(If it is a round dish, you can arrange it
like the petals of a flower!)

4.)   Finally, place all the chopped red peppers 
around the pesto creating an outer circle.

(I added the top of a basil plant's leaves and a couple red pepper pieces for a garnish on top.)

Bake at 325 degrees for 10-15 minutes 
or until the oil from the pesto has sauteed the pepper. 
Serve immediately with table water crackers, 
french bread slices, pita chips -- whatever you prefer.

NOTE: This is also fantastic on penne pasta 
as a main course too. Yum.

Let me know how you like it.