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Guest Feature: Rita of Heritage Game Mounts

Vintage Roe Deer mounted on Royal Stewart tartan and inserted into the Legacy© oak leaf antler panel.  Sitting beside the European roe is a hand painted classic salmon fly called ‘The Kate’ – the pattern was created in the 1850’s by a woman and still fished today.  Panel is shown in the Blackberry finish.

We have a featured guest 
on the blog today!

I am excited to introduce 
to all of you
Rita Schimpff
of Heritage Game Mounts.

The "Winston" tartan leaps out to surround this monarch of the glen
mounted on the Heritage Stag Panel in a Black Forest finish. 

Rita and I first found each other 
through Instagram and became fast friends.
You will see -- her style is very similar to mine
and she is mad for plaid too.

Her company,
of San Antonio, Texas
was started in 2010
when Rita realized through her own
searching that there was a need for
handsome game mounts.
Her company creates and sells 
custom elegant antler displays,
sporting art, and accessories.

Her business started with a love of antique
(also known as Black Forest carvings)
and an appreciation for the manner in which
the Europeans have mounted and 
honored their game trophies for centuries.

Heritage-Game-Mounts-January-dogs-Painting post for Women's Outdoor News Hand painted hunting dog by Rita Schimpff for Heritage Game Mounts:
Heritage Game Mounts

Rita owns a large collection of 
sporting memorabilia to include
canine, equestrian, angling, and hunting items --
 much of it inherited and other pieces collected.

Her home is handsomely appointed with 
all of these items as you will see on 
her various media links to include
Facebook, her blog, Instagram,
and on Pinterest too.

elegant antler display by Heritage Game Mounts/ photo2/ blog #antlers #linen:
Heritage Game Mounts


Her inspiration?

It was one of those beloved inherited pieces, 
a German charivari, 
passed down from her husband's family 
that gave her the oak leaf inspiration 
to create
the carved surrounds for some of her mounts.

Rita's antique charivari.

It's a sterling silver piece depicting 
oak leaves and acorns on a chain 
accented with deer teeth
meant to be worn over lederhosen.

Oak Leaves on Oak leaves!  This stately stag shows well in
 the popular old tartan Royal Stewart on the Legacy Panel©.

"The antique Swiss and German carvings 
that I wanted for my own antlers were rare, expensive, and never the right size 
which led me to create my own
modern day panels with Old World style."

Rita sketches each panel and a master craftsman
 carves them to her exact dimensions in walnut.
They are carved to cast one at a time 
and then finished here in the United States.
They are created not only for antlers
but also for mirrors, birds, and dog portraits too.

The applications for these hand-cast mounts are endless.

These gorgeous custom panels are
no longer sequestered to the man cave!
They are elegant and stately
and work well in any handsome decor.

 The Old World White finish on the Legacy Panel©  compliments the vintage Roe antlers
accented with Winston’ tartan.

In addition to antler panels, 
the product line also includes custom pillows,
framed artwork, tuxedo studs, writing instruments,
and jewelry among other items. 

Fly fishing and tartans are a historic marriage.
Here a plaid from Scot Meacham Wood Home collection called
"Radecliffe" pairs nicely with a hand tied lapel pin.

The center of this 14" pillow is a Brook Trout skin painted on lambskin
by Rita and then sewn on to Winston plaid fabric with carefully mitred
corners and edged with thick black brush fringe.

A pair of antique fly reels sit with a hand tied fly lapel pin
offered by Heritage Game Mounts on top of one of the
new tartan fabrics ‘Winston’ by Scot Meacham Wood
and incorporated into Rita’s pillows and antler décor.

Ready for a mountain cabin, A closeup of the Moose over the cupboard turned out in a Ralph Lauren fabric and mounted in The Heritage Stag© panel designed for larger antlers such as Stag, Elk & Moose.  Shown in Black Forest finish. 

Aren't they fabulous?

I hope you find a way to work one of them
into your home or cabin.
So nice to know there is a place where you can
order a custom hand cast panel
 to your specifications to handsomely mount
 antlers, artwork, a family crest, or whatever
your heart desires.

They are so lovely
and to think that you can
add a favorite family tartan 
or lively plaid to the mix ---
well, it just doesn't get any 
better than that!

A snapshot of Rita's family hutch full of treasures, A Plaid wallpaper has been glued onto foam core
board and inserted in the back so as to not damage the integrity of this antique early Texas cupboard.
All of these family items tell a story, but we will mention but a few: a vintage fishing creel,
bait bucket, ice fishing decoys, and lampshades made from 1930's fox hunt fabric
that once covered Rita's grandmother's sofa. 

Details on the hutch.

Thank you so much for joining us
today here at the Polohouse
to learn more about
and my friend Rita Schimpff -- 
the talented interior designer and studio artist
who creates all the lovely products 
in this stunning custom line.

I hope you too will follow her on:


Thanks for stopping by today
to meet Rita, and thank you to our
wonderful guest for sharing 
her company with us!
I hope you will stop by and say hello
to her through one of the links above.

Enjoy your week ~

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gme said...

Just wanting to let you know how much I like your blog. Your style is very unique and I appreciate so much that you stand out in a sea of bland, boring gray and white. There are so many of us out here that decorate with color and pattern and it is often hard to find inspiration for that. I will never, EVER get tired of plaid. I always look foward to seeing what rich, beautiful photos you come up with. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

What a great post! I enjoyed seeing those beautiful mounts. I regret not buying a beautiful black forest wall clock years ago. I agree with the comment from gme. Love color!

Rebecca said...

You've definitely found a kindred spirit! Such strong, classic beauty!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Tartan plaids have taken us all over this season
I love it !!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Alison, this is a delightful post! I'm thrilled to know of Rita's business and that she is just down the interstate in San Antonio. Thanks for the introduction. No mounts here, but I adore a touch of black forest work in an accessory. Love the idea of a mirror. I'm off to visit her sites.
Another soul sister!

debra @ 5th and state said...

what perfect timing!
having just returned from the uk, armed with goodies to decorate a clients scottish pub we are creating, i did not find any "just right" mounts. so imagine my delight
thank you for sharing

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I really enjoyed seeing these beautiful mounts. Thanks for introducing us to Rita. I will go see her site and FB page too. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Alison!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish someone could explain to me the thrill in taking the life of a beautiful animal whose will to live is as great as our own and hanging its head on their wall.

Karena said...

Alison thank you so much for the introduction! These are simply incredible works of art by Rita!!

The Arts by Karena
The Blink of an Eye

Rita-HeritageGameMounts said...

Alison, loved meeting your lovely friends and reading all their comments. Hope we never stop inspiring each other to create new works while seeing beauty in the unexpected. I love your style and blog. Thank you for the guest opportunity, Rita