Monday, October 14, 2013

Interview with Equine Artist, Lisa Lygo

"Huntsman and Hounds"   by L. Brooksby

It is my extreme pleasure
to introduce to you 
the lovely and talented
Lisa Lygo,
British artist extraordinaire.

 I am so honored to be able
to share these lovely images
 with all of you today
as well as a brief interview I had
with this creatively passionate artist.

Artist Lisa Lygo

"Polo Practice"   by L. Brooksby

"Down at the Start, Derby Day"   by L. Brooksby

Please tell us a little about yourself, Lisa.
 LL: I am originally from London and I am at present living in Devon. 
I have as long as I can remember been primarily interested in painting and drawing, my parents encouraged me from a young age 
and it was always what I wanted to do.

(NOTE: Lisa uses the name Brooksby as a pseudonym for her
equestrian art to avoid confusion when displaying both her equine 
and her contemporary urban art pieces.)

When creating, what types of mediums do you prefer?
LL:  I would say I enjoy using oils over other mediums as I like it's flexibility and depth of color. I do like to mix media occasionally and I think it's important for any artist to be open to new ways of working 
but essentially I am a painter of oil paintings.

How did your passion for equine-themed
art subjects first begin?
LL: I have ridden horses since I was a child 
and owned a show-pony which was frequently a model 
for early drawings and paintings. I love all equine sports 
particularly horseracing and having attended many events 
over the years, I soon realised that the combination 
of the thoroughbred horse, jockey silks, crowd 
and often attractive surroundings would be 
an exciting subject for me. 
It's an excuse to be around horses really!

I also paint the urban landscape and the entertainments 
found within the city. The old music hall and theatrical traditions 
of London are of special interest and combining the past 
with the present is a running theme in this work.

How you your describe your painting style
and what artist(s) would you say has 
most influenced your work?
LL: My equestrian art style as naturalistic and the artists that have influenced me with this would be Degas and Munnings.

Do you ever accept commissioned assignments?
LL: I do accept commissioned artwork projects and have been 
lucky enough to paint some notable horses. I am open to commissions 
with both my equine and urban art.

If you could own one piece of art by any artist --
of the past or present -- what artist would you choose?
LL: I believe some major works are too important 
to be in private hands, however I would love 
to own something by Toulouse-Lautrec.

"Green Carnation"   by L. Brooksby

"A Steeplechaser"  by Brooksby

"Best Mate"  by L. Brooksby

"Study of Polo Player 2"  by L. Brooksby

 How can you be reached should 
someone be interested in acquiring your art pieces? 
LL: Anybody interested in any of my artwork can contact me 
direct via email:   

Gallery Websites
For more information on Lisa and her equine work
or view her urban art at

"Homage to Derby Day and Peter Blake"  mixed media by L. Brooksby 

"Arabian Stallion in Petra"  by Lisa Lygo

"Goodwood and Frankel"  by L. Brooksby

Thank you SO much 
for allowing me to share
some of your gorgeous artwork, Lisa!

If you would like to contact Lisa 
or see more of her images,
please click on the links above.

Thanks for stopping 
by for this special guest's 
art gallery today!


NanaDiana said...

Alison- Most of your photos are not showing up. Just Steeplechaser and Best Mate are showing up for me. The rest are about a 1/4" square right in the middle of the photo area. Just thought you would like to know- xo Diana

Unknown said...

I can see two pictures, and they're so beautiful I want to see the rest! There are ten pics that will not open for me.

Pura Vida said...

wow...I agree with above...only 2 could I see, but that was pretty wonderful!

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THe 2 I saw were wonderful!

therelishedroost said...

They are all fantastic! Beautiful work!
All photos are clear!

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ALL your gorgeous images are showing up now, Alison. They are all just beautiful! xo Diana

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What beautiful paintings! Are you going to commission her??? Thanks for sharing the interview, Alison.

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She is beautiful AND talented! I don't think I like her at all! LOL!



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These are so wonderful. Thank you for introducing me to her!

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Great post and all of the pix showed up!

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Wow what a talent....I cannot imagine having that kind of ability..these are such beautiful works of art. Amazing!

Pamela Gordon said...

That was an interesting post Alison. I like Lisa's work. Beautiful!