Saturday, June 1, 2013

Favorites on the First: ARTWORK

Little frames on easels here and there.

An oil landscape above our bed in the hayloft.

horse and rider hunt scene painting

Old horse etchings 

Happy Saturday!

Welcome to 
Favorites on the First.

This month we are sharing our favorite
pieces of artwork. 

What kinds of things 
grace the walls of 
your lovely home?

Still life oil painting.

This top painting, now framed, is probably one of my most favorite pieces,

Horse print with reverse printed black border and detailing on glass

Small framed print  

A large old framed photograph

Close-up of a French Aubusson tapestry cartoon for a seat cover.

Close-up of an old farm print.

Oil portrait in the dining room area

Guest bedroom art
Thanks for coming by to share
your artwork and remember --
there is always time to link up
if you have forgotten.

The party lasts for 3 days.

So go pull your post together 
and come back
and link up your lovelies!

We'll be here waiting for you.


P.S. Ricki Jill and Karena --
you two were the inspiration for this month's theme!


Rebecca said...

EVERY one you've shown here is my "favorite"! I liked the close up shot from the old farm picture.....and the small ones are so significant when framed & treasured. I feel like I've just come off a wonderful tour of a small, intimate art gallery.

Sarah said...

Alison, just left a comment, but I think it disappeared. Grrrrr.
Will come back later to see if it shows up and if not, will leave another.
Enjoy your weekend...........Sarah

Unknown said...

Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog! I came over from Garden Home & Party… your stairway is amazing! My best wall-adornment isn’t traditional artwork in any sense, but to me it feels that way…

Now I’m off to explore your kitchen. We’re planning a remodel, and it’s totally overwhelming!

Deserae said...

Wow, you have so many wonderful pieces of art....every one of them is just stunning! I really don't have a lot of artwork in my home because I tend to like pieces the pieces I can't afford. LOL
Have a great weekend :o)

Sarah said...

Alison, your art is beautiful and perfect for Polohouse. It's a treat to see it within the vignettes of your home as you live with it. Our art is very eclectic, purchased on travels or from a local gallery that represents many artists from across the US and other countries. Getting to know some of the artists personally makes their work all the more special, just as living with beautiful art is a wonderful gift in life. Thanks for sharing more of your gorgeous home. I feel as if I've been in a beautiful art gallery this morning. Enjoy your celebration weekend! ~ Sarah

Ricki Treleaven said...

I love the variety of art you've shared with us today, Alison! :D And I'm so honored and humbled that you thought of me for this link party's theme.

I would love to see a close-up of the lovely landscape above your bed in the hayloft. Your house is so special!

Thanks so much for hosting, and I look forward to seeing everyone's treasured art.

Ricki Jill


What a great topic for this Favorites on the First dear Alyson! All your artwork is fabulous and I love each one, wow! I love the equestrian ones, such great and also your still life oil one too. Thank you for hosting sweet lady.
Big hugs,

Karen said...

I can hardly wait to see the art of the other party people! I love all of your art, but the portraits are fabulous.
Thanks for hosting such a fun party.

therelishedroost said...

You know I love equestrian and your art is fabulous!! I love the setting for each piece of art as well, what a wonderful idea you came up with . Thank you for the invitation to join in!!

Unknown said...

Your horse prints/paintings are so beautiful.I don't know a lot about art but am taking a summer course to educate myself!

martinealison said...

Je découvre grâce à ma chère Fabby votre blog... Un véritable ravissement.
Je reviendrai vous visiter très certainement.
Gros bisous

vignette design said...

Darn, I would have participated in this Alison, but I was upcountry and missed it! I have lots of art to show and tell. And I love yours as well--especially the old farm print! ~Delores