Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorites on the First

urns of all shapes and sizes


white ironstone pitchers

Welcome to 
Favorites on the First!

vintage hotel silver creamers

This month 
you are invited
to link up posts 
on your
favorite containers.

little wooden boxes

That can mean a vase,
an urn, a basket, a box,
or whatever you 
love to use
as a decorative accessory 
that can be used
to contain something.

old trophies of all shapes and sizes

a leather fire bucket

(I dropped my camera
on its lens which is now
  tilted and will not open.
The camera is barely one year old!) 
Ugh. I am sick about it.

So ...
 I am sharing photos
of containers in my house
taken in the past.

English Tunbridge ware boxes

Not what I had planned!
Sorry about that.

vintage wicker covered bottles and ironstone bowls

Cannot wait to see what
you're going to show to all of us.

This should be fun!

antique hide-covered stagecoach trunk

Three days to post, 
so invite your friends
to come on over 
and share too.

Have a great weekend!

A :)

more white ironstone  :)

Link up 
favorite container 
posts below.
Thanks so much!

vintage plaid lunch boxes


Karen said...

So sorry you dropped your camera, do you think it's fixable? The images you have shared are great. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I dropped my camera last year. I was so sad! I'm so sorry that it happened to you. Lovely containers, and I thin I like your loving cups best.

Thanks so much for hosting!


Unknown said...

I so love a vintage container of manykinds. I specially love your vintage plaid lunch boxes, fantastic indeed!
Thanks for sharing.

County Line Road said...

Hi Alison!
Thanks again for hosting Favorites on the First. I too, love the plaid lunch box collection. Fab.

Ron said...

Thanks for hosting and sorry about the camera! xo

zanetastyle said...

Hi and sorry to hear that your lost your camera....I have one beautiful old chinese box that is an antique .... I store gold chinese statues in it (small ones) and it is a literarly treasure box ((: I am not sure how to post it ...did you mean on my blog?
have a lovely weekend...hugs Z

Pura Vida said...

this will fun to look at!

michele said...

you know what they say about something breaking right? something great is about to be born!

best to you.



I wanted to make a new post with my red transferware I'm in love with, as it's my newest china acquisition and I'm elated with it. You see last year my computer got stolen at the Airport with some pictures..but here is my Favorite on the First. Thank you pretty Alyson and have a wonderful weekend.


Sorry about the camera too dear Alyson..what a drag!! Hugs,

Sarah said...

So sad to hear about your new camera. Hope it can be fixed. Thanks for hosting. Always fun to see beautiful images of Polohouse. Your collections are wonderful!
~ Sarah

Richard Cottrell said...

The camera drop sucks. I have done that before. Life must go on and to the camera shop you must go. Love always seeing your treasures. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Salmagundi said...

This is going to be such a fun party with so much inspiration. Thanks for hosting. I loved seeing the picture of your plaid lunch boxes again - a real favorite of mine, too. Sally


Ok, I changed my mind and took some photos of my small collection of boxes, not containers, just boxes. Thank you sweet Alyson. Big Hugs,

Babs said...

Alison, I'm so sorry your dropped your camera. What an aggravation! I never tire of seeing your pretty collections or containers, even though I've seen them before.Thanks so much for hosting and have a great weekend. Guess you have snow.

The French Hutch said...

Hi Alision, You have a home and garden full of beautiful containers and I don't think you could ever choose a favorite. Ouch, sorry about your camera. My camera just stopped working on the day before Christmas Eve!
Santa was sweet and brought me a new one the same day so I could make photos on Christmas!
Wish I had a post ready, maybe I can link up my favorite container post a little later this evening.
Thanks dear for hosting.

The French Hutch

Miss Kitty said...

Hi Alison! Thanks so much for hosting your party for us. It is so much fun looking at others' container collections.

The enchanted home said...

Fun and so much beauty to explore. In my eyes you can never ever have too many containers! Enjoy your weekend Alison!

Things and Thoughts said...

You have a very beautiful blog,home and containers. I have the obsession with containers. I will post them soon.
Love Olympia

Anonymous said...

Alison, thanks so much for hosting. The container theme is such a neat idea and I couldn't pass up the fun. All of your containers are beautiful and creative. Much inspiration to be found at The Polohouse. Here's wishing a speedy recovery to your camera.

Tartan Terrace said...

Hey Alison. Thanks for hosting another fun linky party. Of course you know that your containers that are my favorite are the cute plaid lunch boxes. I feel strongly that one can never have too many plaid lunch boxes.

Sorry about your camera mishap. What a drag!

The Tablescaper said...

What a great idea for a party. So neat to see what everyone likes to display in.

- The Tablescaper

Unknown said...

Hi Alison,
Thanks so much for becoming a follower! I so appreciate it. You had questions about the P&G basket. Yes, it is a Procter and Gamble employee giveaway item. One recently sold on Ebay for $349.00. I gave $7.99 for mine. :) They originally came with a top, like a picnic basket. Mine is missing the top. I still think I got a fabulous deal considering. Thanks for hosting this party. It was my first link up because I wasn't aware of it. Now I am, so I'll be back! So much fun!