Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome to The Polohouse

Welcome to the third featured home on
A Bowl Full of Lemon's Parade of Homes Tour
this week!

Come inside, no need to knock. We've been waiting for you.

This is the front entry. Our house is an old polo barn and stables that were built in 1939 and then converted into a single family home in the late 1970's.

This is a small sitting area outside of our powder room.

This is looking in to the powder room from the sitting area.

This is the tack room.

View of trophy case outside of the tack room.
This is the living room and the dining room combined.

Living room shot looking down from the hayloft.

The two-story window was the spot of the original main barn doors.

This is the newly remodeled kitchen which is where one side of the horse stalls used to be.

Looking down the hall from the family room.

This is the playroom or game room where our teens hang out.

This is the red guest bedroom.

This is the quirky master bath, full of angled ceilings and dormers!

Bathroom shelving as seen from the hallway looking in.

(Pay no attention to the tilted lampshade! Oops.)

Sneak peak at the master bedroom which hasn't been posted yet!

Thanks so much for stopping by today.
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Great Brit!

Well, Great Britain.... 
the much anticipated day is here!
There has been so much talk,
so much speculation.... 
for weeks, for months... 
and now it's history.

Congratulations Kate and William!

Congratulations to the lovely couple.

There are so many things to love about England.
The architecture, authors, their teas
  and scones, their hats, the pottery and china,
and let's not forget Hugh Grant.

But more than anything.... 
I love, love, love
 Burberry Classic Nova Check.

I love its civilized placement
of colors and stripes converging 
in just the right spots, 
quite lovely really.

Some people think I am obsessed with it.

Just because I had my car painted like it?

Or that I bought this for myself 
on Ebay last year?

Or that my hubby bought this London two-flat for me for our 25th anniversary this year?

It's even part of my Christmas decor.

You don't find this obsessive, do you?

Do you?

Just kidding!
(Okay, all but the ribbon on
my Christmas tree.)

What's your favorite British passion?