Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday decor planning

Last December at the Polohouse

via Pinterest

Winter wishes...
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Before we know it
turkey day 
will be here and gone 
and the red and green boxes 
will appear from our attic 
and/or basement storage areas.

It will be time to
make the annual preparations
 to celebrate the Christmas season.

If you're like me you try to 
"reinvent the wheel"
every year 
finding new ways
to mix it up and incorporate
a new look here and there.

Are you like me?

Equestrian Christmas decor

 Christmas at the Polohouse

Since the front door
is the first thing 
 our family and friends see 
when they arrive --
is always an important part
of the yuletide decor.

Here are some images to inspire:

Savannah Christmas

holiday door...

Fall wreath



Here's a shot of the greens on our front door 
during the holidays.


There is also is another 
focal point here to consider ... 
the fireplace mantel.
Here are some visual inspirations 
that I have been
studying with special care:

FINDING SHIBUSA | holiday style series | natural christmas mantle design

Pretty citrus

178a3dbd4e8b6ad36a416f3718f3b8f6.jpg (367×550)
Pretty, isn't it?

Gifting is such a big part
of the holidays and 
presentation is a fun way to
show the recipients that you care.
 I love to wrap packages!
 Take a peek
at these gorgeous bundles.
Do you pick wrapping papers that
coordinate with your tree's 
color scheme?

Carolyne Roehm
via Carolyn Roehme

Carolyne Roehm

GORGEOUS gift wrapping from Design section of CR website | Carolyne Roehm
via Carolyn Roehme

Red Border Gift Tags by Carolyne Roehm
via Pinterest

Little holiday package at the Polohouse.

Adding little vignettes to prominent
spots in the yard is also a fun way
to show your holiday cheer.
Check out these beauties:

urns so what about tree branches with leaves so orange and gold then pinecone i like the apples and we could add pumpkins gold or regular color
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Holiday House Tour: At Home With Nell Hill's Owner | Midwest Living
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And to finish this off
here are some sweet shots
of little lovelies
that I collected through the year
to share with all of you.

Old red transferware is perfect for Christmas decorating!  (VIBEKE DESIGN: Rødt,friskt og skjønt!)
via Pinterest

Christmas Rustic Style. Love the smell of Orange Pomanders. Buy your Cloves in bulk at a Health Food store, SUPER CHEAP!
via Pinterest

Christmas last year @ the Polohouse

Beautiful Christmas Decor
via BHG

Last year at the Polohouse at Christmastime.

my future Christmas card :)
Have to remember to photograph one of my pups like this!

What are you planning 
for your holiday decor?
Any new inspirations?


  1. Love, love, love the pomegranates on the porch! And that wreath around the retriever? I can't WAIT to try it on our new puppy!

  2. Such gorgeous inspiration pics. I especially love the red plaid.

  3. Alison,
    So much inspiration! Thank you. I loved some of the wreaths and there are a couple of ideas I'll definitely be copying, :-)
    Yes, I try to reinvent the Christmas wheel every year...change is fun.

  4. Stunning ideas for the most important areas of Holiday decor! The front doorways, the mantles. etc! Love your style always Alsion!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Wonderful inspiration, Alison! Yours is still my fave:) xo

  6. My decorating is pretty well finished (Canada!) except for the tree and some lights outside. I didn't put as much out this year but it's still plenty and I've gone simple vintage again. Saves me buying new things that I don't need. lol Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  7. Thank you for all of the gorgeous inspiration! I'm in awe the way some people wrap packages, because I'm HORRIBLE at it!

  8. Thanks for the most wonderful holiday inspiration and always look forward to your stunning Christmas decor!

  9. Alison, these inspiration photos are great! I especially look forward to seeing your holiday decor every year. You just get it right every time!

  10. BEAUTIFUL inspiration photos, Alison! Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  11. Alison, your home is always gorgeous. Your inspiration photos are stellar, but I like the holiday decor that your create. I received my copy of Creatively Christmas. Wish the photos of your home were larger, but I'm enjoying the book. Eager to see your home decked for the holidays this year.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  12. Tons of wonderful inspiration....and it couldn't have come at a better time. We are working on our outside holiday decor today. Thanks for sharing this!

  13. Alison,
    I always love the way you decorate, especially for the Holidays! Your inspiration photos are amazing!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. You got me in the mood girl! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  15. So many great and beautiful ideas...thank you! The little bird feeder with the silver balls is my favorite.

  16. I so love visiting you! Such beautiful inspiration here. The little red transferware cup is fantastic! Your home is always beautiful, too. That dog doesn't look impressed with his wreath, but what a cute idea.

    Hugs and happy decorating!

  17. ahhhh so many fanciful moments here to be awed by. i love your style and how it so beautifully works at the holidays. like you, i like fresh ideas each year so i am having fun winging it once again. pom poms are clearly my obsession this year if you have seen my blog, and i love crafting with paper so it's a lot of handmade lovely around here. peace to you.

  18. Love the inspiration pics and, of course, seeing peeks of your stunning home. Always so beautiful, and I can't wait to see more of what you do this year! Happy Holidays, friend!

  19. Hi Alison! I don't know why I am not getting an email notification from you? Anyway, love all this inspiration. The forst picture of front door inspiration is definitely from a southern home! No way could we in the north do that and have poinsettias line our outside steps:(:( Sure wish I could though!!! Beautiful inspiration. I "decked the halls" before Thanksgiving this year since my son and sister came up from Fl. and would not be here for Christmas. XO

  20. I love everything you have done, simply gorgeous and wonderful taste. Where or what is the plaid container with the greenery and brown velvet ribbon?


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